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  1. Creaking noise driving me crazy!

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I have a 2018 CRV touring with 7700mi on it. I get a creaking noise when I go over certain bumps and it is very pronounced when going over speed bumps. Seems like it is coming from the right rear but not 100% sure. Been to the dealer 3 times already. they changed the rear shocks but still no...
  2. I am finally able to connect my HTC 10 phone to my 2017 Honda CRV – and it’s crazy

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    TL;DR It was the screen lock. One major decision to purchase our new Honda last year was Android Auto. I have been extremely frustrated over the last year trying to get it to remain connected. I would plug in the USB cable and it might connect for a few minutes, but then disconnect. I tried...
  3. Head unit went crazy

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I was driving down the highway today and my head unit went completely crazy. Screens swiped back and forth, volume raised and lowered menu buttons were pushing themselves. I couldn’t even select or control anything. A couple of times I was able to reboot the unit but as soon as it came back on...
  4. 2010 Honda CR-V EXL Blinking D (Read forum still have issues) and crazy oil consumpt

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Good morning, first post here not a car guy, but am pretty handy and have a couple good friends who are. Having issues with the blinking D transmission issues changed the sensor on the attachment, drained and refilled transmission fluid, still having issues. Wondering if there is another oil...
  5. Dash gauges going crazy on my 06 crv

    Problems & Issues
    Help! tachometer started shaking and making noise last summer. Lasted about half minute and then 'maintenance reqd' lights up. I bring the lemon in to my mechanic and he resets the display, tells me the code means CCT board communication lost, and concludes with him not being able to do...
  6. Chrome around headlight. Am I crazy?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I've only had my CRV for less than a month and I noticed that the chrome around the headlights protrude ever so slightly. The corners are kinda floating. I noticed in mine as well as some models at the dealer that you can even push them in a little. My fear is getting something caught on it like...
  7. recurring ignition fault driving me crazy!

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all I've got a Gen 1 CR-V with close to 200,000 km (120k miles). It has always started after just a few cranks, very reliable. A few years ago it started leaving my wife stranded during the autumn rainy season.The engine would crank but there was no spark. Usually it would start if you left...
  8. Just got done adjusting valves CRAZY!

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    I bought this car about a month ago and had the top end rebuilt due to burnt valve. Has around 13000 on the clock since this was done. The car ran perfectly fine getting nearly 30 mpg. Decided to check the valves today and glad I did. Overall, the mechanic that did the work did a pretty good...
  9. door locks going crazy

    Problems & Issues
    While vehicle is in motion, door locks sound as if they are locking / unlocking even though they are not. It's terribly annoying!! Can go a week or more and nothing happens then out of the blue it starts this nonsense and can go on for weeks then stops again. Any clues??
  10. Anybody buy an aftermarket roof rack (rails and crossbars)- OEM is crazy expensive

    It seems like it will cost over $500 to purchase a factory roof rack. Anybody try the aftermarket ones on ebay?
  11. Air in vents go crazy while making left turns

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Does anyone notice this? The season is getting warmer and I recently started to use the fan and ac more because it is more efficient to use ac and fan then to open a window at high speeds due to drag and resistance. Anyways for the past week or so when I had the radio off, while taking...
  12. Not Crazy About My 2013 CRV

    Problems & Issues
    I didn't think I'd be writing this 4 months after purchasing an AWD CRV EX-L for my wife. I know that the CRV is a very popular car, everyone seems to love it (including friends of ours who recommended it). We don't love it. It's OK, but we're not crazy about our CRV and probably regret...
  13. Crazy theory re: road noise? or not?

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    My '10 CRV is much louder than my son's '04 CRV. I noted this to a mechanic I know and he said the struts on the '10 were probably poorly constructed and that results in cupping in the tires which gives me the road noise. In principle I understand that cupping can result in loud tires but he...
  14. Windshield wipers leave a triangular "gap" and its driving me crazy!

    Hey all, I recently had the windshield wiper blades replaced on my CRV because the old ones were not in the best of shape. I actually had a problem with the original blades not covering the whole windshield (they left a small triangle of water in the middle), but my bf messed around with them...
  15. Crazy to Buy a 1999 CR-V EX with 239,779 Miles?

    Greetings & Introductions
    I would never, ever have bought a used car with this many miles unless it was a Honda, but still...was I crazy to buy this vehicle? I actually bought it for my daughter who fell in love with it after we had looked at a '97 Honda Accord and a '98 Toyota Camry. This car only had two previous...
  16. Please Help, going crazy!

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, About a month ago I bought a used Honda CRV 2006 with 34,000 miles on it. I took it for a long test drive and drove on mainly smooth roads so I never noticed that it had a rough/bouncy ride. So I purchased the car and drove it to work and noticed that it was much rougher/bouncier than...
  17. Factory Alarm going CRAZY!!

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello my fellow Americans. I have a 97 CRV with factory alarm (I assume its an alarm since it starts honking when I open the hatch without unarming it) that is giving me some very frustrating issues. The original remote's tab to put on a key ring broke so I just replaced it with a new remote...
  18. 1998 with CrAzY ignition misfire - wth?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All, first post. The Mrs' 98 CR-V (~150K miles) has had trouble with the ignition system almost since the time she bought it two years ago. The engine missed at idle, and lacked power. I went ahead and replaced the plugs (NGK) and wires (Bosch "red" performance set). This improved things...
  19. Rattling P/S Seatbelt is Driving me CRAZY! (2010 EX-L)

    Problems & Issues
    My passengers side seatbelt retractor has been rattling (metal on metal) since the day I drove the vehicle off the lot (brand new 2010 EX-L - 6 miles total). There is a Honda technical service bulletin that explains a similar problem with the rear seatbelt retractors - TSB 05-073. I'd like to...
  20. Crazy question about new CRV trade back

    Problems & Issues
    Ok...Since I bought my made in Mexico V I've had a few problems. First the dealer had to replace the windshield due to a interior crack. Then there was a paint blob defect I noticed later on the rear psgr door jamb. I recently had brought the car back to the dealer for numerous rattles and...