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  1. Reversecamera on my CRC executive 2008 went black

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    The original camera is very expencive so i have got one from China but it has different connections. One RCA plugg for video an one for 12 V. The original is a white flat plug has 6 connections which goes to the radio/navigation system. My problem is how to find chematic, car electric drawings...
  2. 2004 CRV Drive light stays on even when changing gears

    Problems & Issues
    Does anyone know why my "Drive" light stays on even when I am changing gears. I made a you tube video if this as well so you can see. Again, this only happens once in a while and the car drives fine. More annoying than anything else...:mad:
  3. remote car system in 2012 CR-C LX

    Shopping & Test Driving
    In the chicago region, when I was getting a quote for honda CRV LX, I didnt get an option to be able to add remote system starter. So my question is would I be able to add a remote car starter to the LX model? please advise sorry I meant CRV not CR-C