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  1. Creaky clutch pedal

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    Just bought a 2004 Honda. Most things are OK but the creaking clutch pedal is driving me round the bend. Is there anything I can do about it?
  2. Creaky console armrest!

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Does anyone else have a center console armrest that creaks constantly? Even if I grab the armrest and give it a gentle shake, it makes a creaking noise. The only cure I've found so far is draping a USB cable next to the hinge in the rear of the console and then slamming it shut. I don't find...
  3. Creaky hatchback/trunk door

    Problems & Issues
    While going over bumps in the road, the hatchback door on my 2014 CR-V is now creaking. I can recreate the noise by pushing on the lower portion of it while outside the vehicle and the door is closed. The car has been in no accidents and has 60k miles. Any ideas? Charlie
  4. Creaky CR-V - Beware

    Problems & Issues
    I noticed my CR-V 2004 was 'creaky' of late but it was regularly serviced. My tyre on the passenger side was flat one morning with no obvious signs of what had caused it. I replaced it with the spare only to find that that too went flat after a short period of time. I also felt the performance...
  5. Creaky Seat

    Problems & Issues
    Anyone else have very creaky front seats in a 2011 CRV:confused:
  6. Creaky steering wheel and Cargo shelf

    Problems & Issues
    The steering wheel on my 2010 is creaky. Everytime I turn or grip it a bit it creaks like an unoiled old door hinge. I think it's the silver trim below the half way point on the wheel. Anyone else having this issue? Also, my Cargo shelf creaks intermitently. Driving me nuts! I know...
  7. Creaky chassis or suspension

    Problems & Issues
    So I was driving around normal city blocks looking for a spot and one thing that really irked me was my chassis or rear suspension making a creaking noise this only happens going over bumps at low speed will a chassis lubrication popular at these oil change places fix the problem. Also I wanted...
  8. 07 EX Creaky front end when cold

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, just reached 10k miles in 3 months, so far so good. Even had the factory install new fog lights to get ready for winter. My main concern right now is a strange creeky noise in the front end. Happens when I'm stationary or moving slowly (at least that's when I can hear it). The easiest...