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  1. Oil drain plug crush washer or no?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Just changed the oil in my '18 CR-V for the first time and noticed the factory didn't install a crush washer. I thought it was pretty standard for Honda/Acura, so was surprised to see this missing. I had some Honda oil drain plug crush washers, so installed one when I reinstalled the plug...
  2. 2006 MK2 Coolant Crush Washer

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Hi. Does anyone know the crush washer size for the coolant drain on the bottom of the engine please? I believe the drain on the bottom of the rad does not require a crush washer, but the engine drain point does. Thanks
  3. 20mm Crush Washer on 18mm bolt

    Maintenance and Service
    Hey All, I have a 2012 CR-V, and just did the rear-differential drain / fill. After the fact, I realized I inadvertently put 20mm crush washers on both the drain and fill bolts. That size is correct for the fill, but the drain should have been 18mm. All seems to have gone well, and it doesn't...
  4. 2017 CRV 1.5L Crush Washer Size

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Good day all! Curious to know what CRUSH WASHER must be used for the oil drain bolt. Been getting mixed numbers from 3 different Honda Deals... Thank you.:cool:
  5. Crush Washer Size List

    Maintenance and Service
    If this is already here I apologize, but I could not find all of these in one place. Oil Plug 14 mm Differential 20mm (2ea) Manual Transmission 14mm (1ea) and 20 mm (1ea) Coolant Block Drain 28mm Auto transmission 18mm (1ea) O'reilly Auto carries the 14 and 20 mm sizes 14mm part# Dorman...
  6. Oil Drain Plug Crush Washer - '08 CR-V

    Maintenance and Service
    Will any 14mm metal oil drain plug crush washer do? I don't really have time to order over the web...