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crv not starting

  1. 2009 Diesel CR-V engine won't start after fuel injector repairs

    Diesel CR-V
    Good day, I am turning towards this community in the hope that someone might shed light on my problem. Apologies for the long post, but this has been somewhat of a journey. I have a 2009 Diesel CR-V with ~255,000km on the clock. A while back started smelling fuel in the cabin and heard...
  2. Cold weather Dead Baterry and AWD lights (separate issues)

    Problems & Issues
    I live in cleveland Ohio. My 2012 CRV AWD EX (Grey) did not start on Jan 7th (Polar Vortex Day, Midwest was all in Frigid temps). I called Geico ERS, they said they were 6hrs backed up. I missed work that day. I finally got it jumped that evening from a neighbors truck. It has 20600 miles in 24...