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  1. 2006 Honda CRV SE - Custom

    After driving my first gen 1997 CRV to 308,000 miles, the head gasket job I did failed, so it was time for a new ride. I bought this 2006 Honda CRV from a Ford dealer in West Palm Beach, it was "as-is" so I had some work to do to get it back in good running order. This is my daily driver and I...
  2. I just bought a 2019 Honda CR-V and 3 days later, it DOES NOT START.

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All, My apologies for the drama but I'm so frustrated by my car. I bought a new 2019 Honda CR-V EX AWD in NJ this past weekend and I have had trouble starting the car twice in the past 3 days. I had to jump-start it twice, before work on one day, and after work on a separate day. I always...
  3. New Owner

    Greetings & Introductions
    Just bought a 2005 CRV with 95000 miles. Really excited to join the club. I would like to get some roof racks for it, does anyone have any recommendations?
  4. For those interested: PRL Short Ram Intake for Pre Order!

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Seen the video online with the individual that had the modified cold air intake on his 5th gen CR-V. Decided to shoot PRL Motorsports an email just over a week ago to see if they had any plans for making one specifically for the CR-V and they currently have the PRL Short Ram Intake on pre order...
  5. Early Lease Rollover Advice

    Central Canada Owners
    Hi all, I'm new to leasing and have a question that I hope I can get some independent answers for. I have a 2018 CRV Touring leased for 4 yrs - picked up in April 2018. I've done just over 40km on it already which is ahead of my 24km/yr allowance. Dealer contacted me this week and is...
  6. 2016 CRV Touring Pet Barrier?

    Anyone have any recommendations for a pet barrier that will fit a 2016 CRV touring? We ordered and tried the Travall Guard TDG1544 that came highly recommended but it totally didn't fit! Need to keep my dog from jumping into the back seats from the cargo area! Thanks for any tips!!
  7. Emissions code P2A01 after installing downpipe for 2019 CRV

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Hello. I recently installed an RV6 downpipe for my 19 CRV. We triple checked everything, but I’m still getting an emissions code. P2A01. Does anyone have any experience with this, or any ideas on how to get rid of it? I’m also...
  8. 2000 crv 5 speed awd transmission leak, simple fix?

    Problems & Issues
    Hey everyone, new to the forum but it's already helped me so much!! Tons of great info on here. I just had a quick question regarding the 5 speed transmission.. I recently purchased my crv, 2000 5 speed manual, awd(in love with it) and it has a very small leak, not enough to drip but the trans...
  9. 2015 CR-V random limp mode

    Problems & Issues
    Hello everyone! I've been a long time Honda owner but I'm new to the CR-V. We bought one for my fiance less than a year ago and it's been a great vehicle for the NY winter's and summer weekend trips. Ever since we've owned it (bought it used from a Honda dealer) it randomly goes into limp mode...
  10. CRV Whistling Sound

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Anyone's CRV have a whistle sound noticeable at low speeds? I notice mainly when using the car after it sat awhile (in the morning to work/leaving work). The whistling pitch ramps up when accelerating and ramps down when coming to a stop (once I'm stopped it makes no whistle). I mentioned it to...

    2002-2006 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 2)
    Hi, I have a 2003 Honda CR-V 2.0i, (enginecode K20A4) its a high milage car (206916 miles/333.000km) but well taken care of with 2 oil/filters-changes a year, but my engine has started to make a pinging (pre-ignition?) noise for almost nothing, but especially under workload, its getting worse...
  12. 04' CRV Fuel Leak tank gasket

    Problems & Issues
    Howdy guys - I've got an '04 CRV Sport with 160k kms on it. Bought dirt cheap due to AC issues and panel damage - but this fuel leak I've discovered has now become my biggest headache.. absolutely love the car otherwise. Started out with a strong fuel smell whenever I refilled the car. I was...
  13. Installing Aux Input in Honda 2008 CRV EXL

    DIY Center Discussion
    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a 2008 Honda CRV EXL (with navigation and backup camera). I previously owned a 2000 CRV and played my music through a cassette adapter. I noticed the 2008 no longer has cassette inputs. Therefore, I was looking to play music through another method. I prefer not to do...
  14. No Device Connected

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
    2018 CRV: Default Display- No Device Connected There are a number of disappointments with the 'entertainment center', display and app. Briefly, the app is not as mature or well developed as other manufacturers. Too many distractions and few self resolving conditions. I find that this is the...
  15. Brake bleeding problem--2001 CRV

    1999-2001 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 1.5)
    I have an '01 CRV with about 195K. I've owned the car for about 8 months. Installing new brake pads/shoes on the car. Needed to bleed brakes due to having to work with one of the rear wheel cylinders. I can't seem to get any brake fluid out of the rear lines. With a helper opening and closing...
  16. Unable to ID an item on the 2019 CR-V LX instrument panel

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I have been looking in the owners guide trying to find out what an item is that is on the left side of the instrument panel. It looks identical to the stem used to reset the trip meters and change the display.
  17. 2000 CR-V Busted AC line - need to know part name of the aluminium pipe (2 pieces)

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Hello! Can you guys help me identify the part name & number of the AC line (please see the picture - part marked with red circle)? And where to get it from? Thanks!
  18. Has anyone replaced just the stock speakers in their 2015 crv?

    So my mom likes her 2015 crv but her only complaint is the sound system. So to help her, I am considering replacing the stock speakers for the Kenwood KFC-1666S. They are only 20 dollars per pair and I’m wondering if it will help in any way. I know that for the best results, you need to to also...
  19. 2016 CRV Wing Mirror Reverse Tilt Judder

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I have a 2016 1.6 Dtec CRV. Has anyone had any issues with the reverse wing mirror tilt motor. I’ve recently noticed that the motion has started to judder when tilting back and forth, this once was a smooth action. Wandering if this is a lubrication issue, or if I should return to the...
  20. CRV Side body molding

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Is the molding worth getting? Dealership charges $350 including labor. Was thinking about doing it myself. Does it really protect against dings and scratches?