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  1. crv2011 - front break pad cost

    Maintenance and Service
    I have been Honda dealer for my crv 2011 They said to replace front brake pad. Front Brake Pads resurface rotors - $259. It looks expensive to me. Does it really cost so much? Should I check with other mechanics? Thanks
  2. Oil Consumption Honda CRV-2011

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello, I have a Honda CRV that had multpile issue recenelty at 78k miles. 1. Air bag recall - part on order should come in July 2. VTC Actuator just replaced this week after making horriable noise when starting. Lucky they only charged me $25 out of warranty. 3. Oil consumption, car...
  3. CRV-2011 Sevice Codes

    Problems & Issues
    Any one know or where to find ALL the Service codes mean for Honda CRV 2011. Thanks