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  1. HID question for 09 CRV-EX

    question about installing a hid kit 1, If i install a HID kit on my car, will it void my warranty? 2, anyone got 55w hids on stock headlight? 3, I dont wanna kill my DRL, what should i do if i really want HIDs? 4, I found out the high beam and low beam are in the same bulb?? so how can i...
  2. 2007 CRV-EX Noise Diagnosis - Sherlock in the house???

    Problems & Issues
    I'm hoping that somebody may have some diagnostic insight into a very disconcerting noise that has recently cropped up with my 2007 CRV-EX (38,000km). The problem is multi-faceted - so bear with me. The problem started about 4 weeks back as a mild clunk or intermittent noise that I'd sometimes...
  3. Picking up 09 CR-V-EX on Sat.

    Hi, Got the phone call that our CRV is in and we pick er up on Sat. So I did a search for a club and you came up. Plan on getting her Krowned, Detailed and slippin a Clear bra on asap. Glad to see there is a Canadian contingent. Any suggestions.
  4. 2008 Honda CRV-EX radio issue

    Mobile Electronics
    My CD player is give me bad disk error and will not eject disks. Any ideas?
  5. 2004 CRV-EX D light blinking , 3rd gear

    Maintenance and Service
    This past week when I was driving my CRV, the D light started to blink. This is the first time this has happened. I stopped the car put it to park and shift to reverse thinking maybe the gear lights went crazy. It still blinked. When I shut down my car and start the engine back up the blinking...
  6. What's the biggiest tire can fit to 98 CRV(EX)?

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    I have 98 CRV and my tire seems like too small and has not enough traction when it's snowing. What's the best tire that i can have for my CRV? Can 17inch tire fit ? Can 235 width fit?
  7. WTB: Roof Rack for 2001 CRV-EX up to $100

    Trading Post
    Wanted To Buy : Roof Rack for 2001 CRV-EX, pay up to $100 must be black in color, prefer 150 lb load capacity but will accept 75 lb OEM Honda version. Please PM me
  8. Suggestions for lowering my 2006 CRV-EX 2wd

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Any thought out there? I thought a modest reduction in height with upgraded shocks and tires would make for a better handling, great car. Thanks paul
  9. 12 hour old 2007 CRV-EX oil leak

    Problems & Issues
    I purchased a new 2007 CRV EX on Thursday, March 29th. This was my first new car and first Honda. I took the vehicle home and everything seemed ok. In the morning, I found oil dripping from the engine. It turns out that the main rear engine seal is defective. This type of repair involves...