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  1. My Sleeper - 2000 CRVtec

    Image & Video Gallery
    Hello everyone, I've decided to redo my entire thread here... Seems completely out of date and inaccurate. I saved two pictures, just to show the old and the new. 2000 Honda CRV, not sure of the trim package 5 speed manual B20Vtec 374,000km My daily driver, I use it for work, so it's...
  2. Willes AWD ITR CrVtec Build

    Image & Video Gallery
    Crv awd 5speed, still retaining PS, A/C, Cruise Control, Engine: Fully rebuilt Jdm b18c internals undisclosed Twm itb's 52mm Carbon stacks, currently running ProSeries with 70mm TB and port match till the plenum is done for itbs. Plan on having it as a DD Custom made 1off RMF style header...
  3. JAY SEE EYE CR-Vtec

    Greetings & Introductions
    just wanna show off my ride and make it famous before i sell it :/ Exterior EDM f&r bumpers OEM rare optional wing OEM mud flaps prestige alarm with lcd screen pager (remote start and all) 10k hids eyelids window visors hood visor tein hood dampers MILANO RED in color Interior...
  4. cr-vtec conversion

    Performance Modifications
    i OMPLETE parts list for a b2oz2 to v-tec conversion. please be detailed as possible