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  1. New CR-V Owner 2015 EX Crystal Black Pearl

    Greetings & Introductions
    Bought this for my wife after researching extensively (yes, I read all about the vibration issue). We've had it for a few weeks and so far no vibration can be heard or felt. I know it can appear after some miles are put on the car and I'll keep an eye on it. We did NOT want the black, but it...
  2. Does Crystal Black Pearl Require Blending

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    Hi, Just dinged my brand new Canadian Touring 2014 CR-V with a nice scratch about the size of the door handle 6 inches below the handle on just the drivers side front door panel, it doesn't touch the rear door panel at all. Visited 2 body shops so far and the 1st said only the one panel needs...
  3. Massive Scratch on Passenger Door of 2013 CRV (Crystal Black Pearl) - Help/Advice

    Problems & Issues
    I love my car and it barely has 7,000 miles on it. I noticed a huge (wasn't there yesterday because I had it washed), deep scratch on my passenger door this afternoon. I'm so frustrated and angry. I park decently and wasn't taking 'two' spaces or anything so I don't know what could provoke...
  4. 2009 CRV EX-L 2WD Crystal Black Pearl/Ivory

    Image & Video Gallery
    Here are some pics of my '09 CRV, completely in love with this car! Looking forward to some road trips this summer - Portland and Grand Canyon - will post more pics with some scenery.
  5. Black Paint, Nighthawk vs. Crystal?

    I'm looking at ordering a rear spoiler for my CRV, which is beige (see recent post in Wheels section), and I want a BLACK spoiler (and BLACK side steps). On the spoiler, paint code, I see H and A has 2 choices, "Nighthawk Black Pearl" and "Crystal Black Pearl". What's the difference, and which...