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  1. 2006 CRV with cupping and feathered rear tires and exessive negative camber.

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    Hello Members, Can anyone help me with this problem. Rears have excessive negative camber and are cupping. I understand that there is an aftermarket strut arm that can correct the camber to within specs. Does anyone have that part number and the mfr. ? Otherwise, I love the car. I would really...
  2. Do new CRVs (2012+) still have tire cupping or excessive tire wear issues?

    Problems & Issues
    I had one of the 2010s that did this big time. Does the current model still have this problem?
  3. 2007 CR-V tire cupping

    Problems & Issues
    I am on my 3rd set of tires which have cupping problem which the Dealer says is a tire problem due to the fact that the car is in "perfect alignment." The original manaufacturer tires (Bridgestones) cupped and were worn out at about 20,000 miles. The second set of Yokahamas cupped after about...