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  1. ExtendMySeat - CRV Customer Review

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    This review is for recent installation of (aka EMS brackets) on a 2013 CRV EX-L Model. Be advised-- ExtendMySeat brackets do NOT fit ALL listed year CRVs: If you have a subwoofer under passenger seat (like in EX-L & Touring models), then the passenger seat bracket will NOT work...
  2. Email for Honda Automobile Customer Service Canada ?

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    anyone one have a Email for Honda Automobile Customer Service Canada? or Honda Canada?....I can find lots off 1 800 numbers, but I have a hard time hearing on the phone and would like to email them if possible....thank you
  3. Dear Honda: 2010-CRV Noisy, Underpowered and now Unreliable-Lost a Lifelong Customer

    Dear Honda:
    Dear Honda: I've been a Honda enthusiast since 1987 when I first purchased a Honda CRX SI... an unbelievable car that was virtually indestructable even as the salt from blistery NY winters ate through the body after 10 years of driving. In 1996 I graduated to a used Accord, then to a Honda Del...
  4. Honda you have lost a loyal customer of 25 years! RE:Stupid rough idle!

    Dear Honda:
    I have not been on this website since I joined it right after we bought our new 2008 EXL CRV. Our 08 has given us 89k of trouble-free miles. About last Dec. or Jan. I decided it was time to upgrade to a newer CRV. I was a little wary of this new CVT tranny, so I started to do a little...
  5. Is your HONDA service depatment Customer Friendly?

    Dear Honda:
    Is your HONDA Service Depatment Customer Friendly?..Out here in Southern Indiana, our's trys to SELL YOU every service your vehicle DOES NOT NEED , then makes unauthorized repairs and charges customers for them and "sticks it to them" this the HONDA WAY... "Soichiro Honda" would roll over...
  6. Customer Service

    Dear Honda:
    Dear Southpoint Honda in Durham, NC; When your service representatives give me their card, and it has an email address on it then I have to assume they plan to check and reply to emails. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Certainly give the horrible experience I had in the dealership on...
  7. Kudos to H and A Honda parts for excellent customer service

    Placed and order and one of the items was a Honda logo baseball type hat. They sent the wrong hat and when I called I was told rather than bother to send it back, keep the wrong hat and the right hat will be sent out today free of charge.;) That's great customer service!
  8. Honda poor customer service

    Dear Honda:
    I once worked for a company (Sapient) who is a consultancy offering to corporates to define and create amazing experience for customers. It is amazing to see how some of those large corporations have embrassed the idea of focusing on the experience, others haven't. Apple is one of the great...
  9. Honda Tops Toyota in Customer Loyalty

    Media News & Reviews
    According to a new survey by Consumer Reports, Honda has surpassed Toyota to become the number one brand for customer loyalty in the U.S. According to the new report performed in April, 68 percent of current Honda owners said they would "most likely" buy another Honda – up one percentage point...
  10. Customer feedback on HandA purchase -- thumbs up...

    I just did a small trial purchase from HandA for some mud guards and a sunshade. The parts were exactly right, delivered in 2 days after order with regular ground shipping (which was a little spendy but I understand). Delivered price was competitive. Came with instructions in the box and...
  11. Customer service does not happen in uk

    Dear Honda:
    Can I ask those at Honda to look at this thread and make some comment as to the situation and behaviour of one of their dealerships Demonstarter
  12. When Does Honda Customer Service truly end?

    Dear Honda:
    This true story began back in March of 2006. My wife was the proud owner of a 2003 Honda CRV which we had purchased through a small independent dealership in January 2003. But it was the vehicle that I drove to and from work daily. Just before driving to visit my parents in Florida, I had topped...