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  1. ALL Audio cuts out when Iphone connects

    Mobile Electronics
    Joined when bought new 2011 CRV (with factory Navigation and Bluetooth) but haven't been on site in years. I have used my Iphone 6 (and previous versions) in my CRV for years now, and audio always worked perfect, no problems. Now suddenly, I will get in the car and radio is already on and...
  2. 2015 CR-V, EX, AWD - AC/Heater blower motor cuts in/out/off.

    Problems & Issues
    Hey all. New guy to the forum. Quick background. I bought my CR-V brand new. This issue came up originally while it was under warranty. There was a clicking noise coming from the blower motor and the fan speed/strength would go up and down and sometimes cut off completely. The dealership...
  3. 2000 CRV transmission cuts out electrically

    1999-2001 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 1.5)
    Hi, I'm new here. My son's CR-V {he's in college} the transmission drops out like it was put in neutral. I believe it's electrical because if I disconnect the battery, it will drive for a short period of time. It shifts fine but just completely drops out. Anyone ever run across this?
  4. Cruise control cuts under load

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Team - new here. Thank you for loking at this thread. Apologies if this has been asked before but I haven’t managed to find a related thread here. 2006 CRV diesel (Mk 3) with standard, i.e. not adaptive cruise control. Cruise control works well mostly but under a heavy load, e.g. when...
  5. Diesel Engine cuts out after starting

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, My 2009 2.2 diesel cuts out a few seconds after starting when parked facing up hill. It only happens when the fuel level is below 3/4 of a tank. It starts again after about 10 seconds of turning the key a second time and seems to be fine after that. Any ideas please? Thanks.
  6. 1999 CR-V cuts out whilst driving

    Problems & Issues
    Hi. I have a 1999 CR-V that cuts out whilst driving. It starts up fine from cold and runs smoothly. You set off, it gets up to temperature and after around 15 mins it just cuts out, no lights come up on the dash. You just lose all power. I just put it into 'N' and freewheel to the safest point...
  7. Shoulder strap cuts into my neck

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Just bought a new 2017 EX-L. The car is great so far except for one thing. I'm only 5' tall so the seat is adjusted fairly far forward and set high. As a result, the shoulder strap cuts into my neck. The strap is adjusted to the lowest position on the pillar. Is there any other thing that...
  8. 2002 cruise control cuts out after 30 miles

    Problems & Issues
    We've owned our 2002 CR-V EX for about 5 months. It's got 160K miles. The cruise control seems to work just fine for the first 20-30 miles, but then it will suddenly turn off & rev the engine, almost like it downshifted. If you turn the cruise off & back on again, it might work for a couple...
  9. My 97 honda crv horn only makes a short beep sound when pushed, and then cuts off.

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    When I push my horn on my 97 honda cr-v, I get a quick short burst of sound, but it cuts off quickly, no matter how long I press for.
  10. 2015 CRV Bluetooth Cuts In And Out

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2015 CRV with the sound system package just below XM and mapping, so one with the big screen and little screen. Great car, by the way. When I first got the CRV, my HTC One synced up fine through Bluetooth. After about three months, it started cutting in and out and is not not usable...
  11. Australian 2003 CR-V Sport 2.4 manual cuts out engine, any suggestions?

    Problems & Issues
    Hello! I very rarely post on forums or visit them, so I apologize if I break any house rules by posting this, or miss some blatantly obvious post with a solution in it. Should also mention up front that I'm in Australia, as this seems to be a US board, for the most part. I bought a second hand...
  12. crv cuts out

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hi I have a yr 2000 crv 2.0 manual. It starts ok you drive it for 5 mins it cuts out. Leave it for a few mi s it starts and does the same. Its had a new ignition switch bit still the same. No fault codes or lights on either. Any ideas as its driving me mad. Thanks
  13. Driver's Seat Cuts Off Leg Circulation

    Problems & Issues
    I just purchased a 2013 CR-V ... the driver's seat cuts off my leg circulation. It doesn't improve by adjusting the seat in any direction (forward, back, tilt, nothing). Any suggestions?
  14. Dashboard lights & stereo flash on and off then engine cuts for a second

    Problems & Issues
    On my way home from work my honda crv cdti o8 plate The lights on the dashboard flashed on and then off again as well as my stereo went on and off just for a split second i continued driving and then it jolted like the car had just stalled as i was going into 3rd gear i put my foot back on the...
  15. 2007 Air Condition Problems - Cuts Out

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All, I posted this comment two years ago when I bought my 2007 EX AWD. Many of you responded with the same. Have any gotten Honda to do something about it? I have 3000 miles left on my warrenty. Thanks -------------------------------------------- It seems like the 2007 has a clutch...
  16. Honda offers buyouts, cuts pay in North America [3.31.9]

    Click here to read the entire story from the AP
  17. Engine cuts out

    Under The Hood / Performance
    I need some help - I have a 98 CRV 164K - just recently last few months, only after the engine is warm and restarted the engine will cut out while driving, I am able to shift to neutral and restart. Just had the fuel filter changed and spark plugs replaced, no check engine light. Any ideas as...
  18. 2001 V rpm cuts out @ 3k?!

    Problems & Issues
    hey guys/gals i own a 02' cr-v and today when I went to the store i noticed that as I was accelerating the rpm would not go past 3k..and it would cut out/in as if I was hitting the rev limiter..strange. Also my check engine light popped up as well..dont know what the deal is..anyone else? thanks!
  19. 2004 CR-V cuts out at 2900 RPM

    Problems & Issues
    Need urgent help or advice. I have a 5 speed LX. For the last 10 days once I am in any gear the engine will cut out as I reach 2900 RPM. Once RPM is below 2900 it starts running fine again..Turning the ignition switch on and off also helps. Car starts right up. Saw another similar posting from...
  20. 2002 CR-V Cuts Out at 2800 RPM

    Problems & Issues
    Anyone see this before? This has happened twice so far. Start the car as normal, let is sit for a while to warm up (5 min or so), drive away. Notice the check engine light is on, then when driving it reaches 2800 RPM (or so) the engine cuts out completely. Let off the pedal, let the RPM come...