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  1. Gen 5: 2017-2022 (UK 2018-2023) CR-V
    Picked this up from a Facebook closed group. PDF is 2.5MB so too big to upload to this forum. If there's a workaround let me know. I've attached screen shot of first page. Engine whirling noise could require camshaft replacement.
  2. Gen 2: 2002-2006 (UK 2002-2007) CR-V
    One post mentioned changing tranny every 15k miles. I purchased the car used with 98k miles on it. I am up to about 105k miles. What is your opinion on changing the tranny fluid. Aside from oil what else would you suggest? Prefer to do the work myself but where do you get rid of old tranny oil...
  3. Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    2001 CRV low compression on cyl 1 My 2001 CRV hasn't been running quite that bad, rough idle but not stalling, but has P0301 code and flunked inspection. They said low compression on cyl 1. I see online how valve adj issues occur on this engine, so I've got a manual and hope I'm not going in...
  4. Trading Post
1-4 of 9 Results