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  1. 2002 CR-V Ignition Lock Replacement, Manual Transmission

    Problems & Issues
    We need to replace the ignition switch cylinder on our 2002 Honda CR-V. It is a manual transmission. When ordering the part, does it make a difference in this particular part whether it is for a manual or automatic transmission, or are they both the same? Thanks in advance for anybody that...
  2. Which cylinder is number 4?

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    The check engine light came on saying that its misfiring on cylinder number 4 on my 98 CRV. Which cylinder is number 4?
  3. 1998 crv only getting spark to one cylinder

    Problems & Issues
    My brothers car is only getting spark to one cylinder. He was driving the other day and it just died on him while driving. Went to start it back up and it just clicks repeatedly. We tested the battery and starter and both are good. The plugs/wires are good as well. We tested for spark and...
  4. Cylinder #3 Misfire

    Problems & Issues
    My wife & I just purchased a 2005 base model CR-V with 160K or so on the odometer, and a replaced engine of unknown mileage. It's a solid vehicle and my wife really likes it, especially with her two hours or so of winter commuting into Flagstaff AZ from up near the Grand Canyon. The nearest...
  5. Ignition Key will not go into Ignition Cylinder

    Problems & Issues
    I have been driving my 2018 CRV for 7 months. Go in my CRV Yesterday and the Key would not go into the Ignition. Got the Spare Key and the Valet Key and they would not go in either. My CRV is stuck under my Car Port. Honda Dealership is no help. They do not know what to do. Will not NOT send a...
  6. 02 CRV MT clutch snap sound looks like master cylinder popped a screw, split leaked

    Problems & Issues
    02 CRV MT clutch snap sound looks like master cylinder popped a screw, split leaked This just happened to me 1 hour ago. 2002 CRV MT. car off. push clutch down. snap/pop sound. noticed the clutch master cylinder has slight split apart. at one of the 3 screw points (triangle shaped) one screw...
  7. Broken sparkplug electrode / misfire / cylinder head replacement ADVICE

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi I have a 2005 CRV SE, with about 172,000 miles on it. The other day while driving I got a blinking check engine light, pulled over and had it towed to a mechanic. Mechanic did a compression test and found no compression in cylinder 2, pulled the spark plug and noticed the electrode was...
  8. New 2001 owner door lock cylinder question

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    Hi- Just picked up a 2001 manual transmission CRV in pretty good shape with 171,000 miles. One thing I did not see before I bought it...there's no lock cylinder in the passenger door. Just a nice hole, waiting for a new one. I assume I'll have to remove inner door panel to see what else might...
  9. Replacing lock cylinder on 2012 CRV LX

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Hello- I'm trying to replace a lock cylinder (driver's door) on a 2012 CRV LX. I'm to the point where I need to disconnect the old cylinder from the door handle. It's damn near impossible to see what how to disconnect it. I have the vapor barrier peeled back so I can get to the lock but I can't...
  10. How to change RE4 clutch master cylinder

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    The Clutch master cylinder is sticking. Is it difficult to change as it is under the dash?
  11. 2016 Honda CR-V diesel 4wd 18k miles noisey cylinder head

    Diesel CR-V
    I have been to my Honda dealer who says my Honda CR-V is in a batch that is subject to a recall when presented for a cylinder head replacement - this is due very noisey engine which sounds like a Larry - I have cars exactly the same and compared to the other one it is very noisey this why I knew...
  12. How to fix misfire of cylinder 1

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    How to test and verify that it is not the fuel injector that may be causing misfire. I am receiving code 0135-O2 Sensor (front) need change?
  13. 2009 misfire cylinder 1 after valves replaced

    Problems & Issues
    Long story short. All exhaust valves got bent while cranking after timing chain stretched too much. I just got the head back with all new valves. It starts fine and runs, but with the rough idle and miss on #1. Good spark, injector is good, compression matched the other cylinders. It's only...
  14. HELP Missing part in door lock cylinder !!

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Hello . . . When I bought my CR-V the only detail was the driver´s door cover (black) was missing. There was only the metal plate. Installed the cover buy the only detail was the cylinder lock was missing (There´s just the hole that moves the lock insides. It´s easy for someone even with a...
  15. 2002-2006 CR-V Door lock cylinder clip is not visible

    Problems & Issues
    I've looked at the diagrams, and it is clear that the door lock cylinder is supposed to be held with a wire clip that pulls out from the bottom. As you can see in this picture from below the lock, the clip is not visible. I've tried to feel around and hook it with an angled awl, but there is...
  16. Is this a cracked cylinder sleeve?

    Problems & Issues
    Working on a 97 CRV that was overheated. Had the head machined and valve job. Put it back together and it started and runs great except: After driving for a few mins, and turning it off. When you go to restart it, it acts like it is flooded, and produces big white cloud. I assume coolant is...
  17. Honda 1998 CRV Idling Issues Cylinder Misfires

    Maintenance and Service
    Hey guys, made two youtube videos on my problem w/ my Honda CRV 1998, would like any helpful advice.
  18. Cylinder Head Repair Delay

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Hello All, Been on the forums for a while since I bought my wife's 2015 CR-V Touring last year. So far we had no problems until Thanksgiving Day. Long story short, car broke down on Thanksgiving, towed it to Buena Park Honda on the 25th, and still haven't got my car back yet. According to...
  19. Need advice getting a used CRV '03, cylinder head and gasket replaced

    Problems & Issues
    I'm planning to buy this 2003 Honda CRV AT from a relative. The history of this was it was bought from a buy and sell car dealer. After a few months it had a problem with leakage causing it to overheat. It was sent to a mechanic and the cylinder head gasket was replaced. Then after a few weeks...
  20. Exedy Master and Slave Cylinder Quality

    Problems & Issues
    My clutch pedal in my 2003 is getting stiff and a little noisy, fluid is filthy, I'm planning to replace both the slave and master cylinders. Anyone used components made by Exedy? I've heard good things, but wondered if anyone has been disappointed? I'm planning on doing the work myself, I just...