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  1. Sound Deadening Material ?

    Mobile Electronics
    What did you use and where? Details would be nice. Thinking about it for road noise.
  2. Noico 80 mil car Sound deadening mat for sound-proofing?

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Has anyone installed this "Noico 80 mil 36 sqft car Sound deadening mat, Butyl Automotive Sound Deadener, Audio Noise Insulation and dampening" (available on Amazon) on their 3rd Gen CRV? If so, what's the result? Does it make your CRV much quieter? Thanks!
  3. Speaker Upgrade and Sound Deadening Build Log

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I completed the speaker upgrade and sound deadening project... this post is for anyone who is interested in the same for their car, as well as anyone who is interested how the car is put together. I found out some interesting stuff along the way. This is a 2017 Touring. To start, I subscribed...
  4. Better Sound Deadening?

    Mobile Electronics
    We have a 2014 CR-V now and it's a great vehicle except for the road noise. Are the newer ones quieter?
  5. Sound deadening differences between EX-L and Touring trim levels?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Is there any difference in sound deadening measures between the Touring and EX-L trim levels of the CR-V? I have a Ridgeline RTL-E and appreciate the extra sound deadening (incl different windshield) Honda invested in that trim level (along with heated steering wheel, sunroof, upscale...
  6. Sound deadening material on underside?

    Problems & Issues
    Just got my 2017 CRV Touring a couple of weeks ago. Loving it so far. With previous vehicles I have Krown Rust Proofed. I have not rust proofed this vehicle yet. I noticed recently that the underside of the vehicle has quite a bit of what I assume to be sound deadening material. What is this...
  7. Removal of CR-V 2013 door panels to install sound deadening

    Mobile Electronics
    How do I remove CR-V 2013 door panels to install sound deadening?