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  1. Gen 3: 2007-2011 (UK 2008-2012) CR-V
    Hi All, firstly a short introduction... I registered a while ago when we were looking at the older CRV, but eventually settled on an accord tourer because our budget couldn't stretch to the CRV. After 17months of accord usage and racking up the miles, we have decided to trade up to the CRV...
  2. Shopping & Test Driving
    Finally a convert to the CR-V. However, I am torn between an 06 SE model with 10K miles fo $20K and a 00 EX 4WD with 85K miles for $6,800. What is a better buy? What is a good price for a Gen I that is a 2000 or an 05/06 Gen II (Prefer SE, but will take an EX)? Any help is appreciated. -UKC
  3. Shopping & Test Driving
    Hi, This is a first post and will be my first CRV, although we have had an odyssey which we traded in for a pilot when we moved to Nebraska... Anyway. I was all set a couple of days ago to buy an '08 EX-L w/Nav in Borrego Beige Metallic. Our dealer here has about 30-40 CRV's on the lot, but...
  4. Shopping & Test Driving
  5. Gen 3: 2007-2011 (UK 2008-2012) CR-V
    :confused: I just bought my 2008 Honda CRV EX-L from a Miami dealer!! I think I got a good deal: $23,980 (including everything but taxes). What do you think?
  6. Accessories
    I think I am going to get this. eBay Motors: NEW!! 2008 Gentex Auto Dim HomeLink Compass Mirror Kit (item 140217803475 end time Apr-21-08 05:54:41 PDT) Seems like a great price. it has the new Gentex features. What do you guys think.
  7. Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I came across the following website while searching for extended warranties and was wondering if you guys think this is a gimmick or the real thing. The website is It's a Honda dealership located in Rochester, NY offering genuine Honda Care extended warranties. It also has...
  8. Shopping & Test Driving
    Made a deal on a 2008 Nighthawk Black/Black Leather EX-L AWD with Nav last night. Now all they have to do if find one. Anyone know of one anywhere in the Southeast, I'm in Tennessee, that my dealer could get. Really like this SUV, so much that this is my second one. We bought my wife one in...
  9. Shopping & Test Driving
    Just wondering if you guys know of any deals in the L.A. area. Been reading threads on what others have paid and I was wondering if purchasing a 2007 CR-V at invoice is farfetched? I read on that invoice is around $19,800. I'd really appreciate feedback. Thanks :) By the way, I'm...
  10. Shopping & Test Driving
    Hey All, I am leaving in Chicagoland..and looking for 07 CR-V EX-L/2w I m just wondering what is the best deal you can get for that..As I was surfing around so far and found 25,700+Tax as a best one!! All your efforts will be appreciated!!! :) Thanks
  11. Shopping & Test Driving
    Hi everyone, I'm about to pick up an '02 EX with approx. 53K miles for $13200. It's not in ideal shape (obviously), there are some scratches on the exterior, and what looks like a cigarette burn on one of the doors, the center console cupholder thing is also out of wack. Tires need to be...
61-71 of 72 Results