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  1. 1998 CR-V rattling noise while decelerating - Manual transmission

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, Wondering if this happened to anyone. There is a rattling noise from what seems the front driver's side and only when I release the gas pedal in first and second gear. The noise is similar to the ratchet noise produced by the gas cap and will only stops when I push on the clutch pedal or...
  2. 2007 CRV EX-L awd. vibration in steering on decelerating

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    As topic says. Got a new vibration on the crv. Steering vibrates on deceleration between 100-120km/h. I had the tires balanced twice just to make sure. I searched many posts and it seems like it's drive train related. My question is what seems to be the most common cause. CV joints in and out...
  3. There's a clicking sound when I let off the gas

    Problems & Issues
    This evening while driving down the interstate I noticed a sound from the front end that's best described as like a tire driving over a rumble strip. This just started this evening and would only happen when I'd let off the accelerator but it would completely disappear if I added a little...
  4. '97 4-speed AT: Power Loss only when Decelerating from above 70mph

    Problems & Issues
    We have a '97 4-speed automatic CR-V, with above 140K miles on it. Taken care of well, and running excellent for its time. Recently, exactly on the day when temperature dipped under -25*C (car stored outside), we started having problems, ONLY during highway driving. Specifically, ONLY after...
  5. Groaning and Whining When Decelerating on 1997 4wd CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I've got a 1997 4wd Honda CRV EX and there's a loud whining sound coming from the front when I let off the gas pedal. I recently changed a front wheel bearing that was bad but that didn't fix it. My mechanic told me that it's most likely the front differential. Any other possibilities? I...
  6. 2002 decelerating 50-45mph whining noise

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2002 model and have started noticing a whining sound when I let off the gas between 50 and 45 mph. I found a brief description of a TSB that seems to match the problem. It indicates that the noise is caused by the tires. Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix this problem or how...