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  1. 2016 judder deceleration

    Problems & Issues
    Hi my Honda CR-V has 900 miles on it I brought it in to the dealership because when I'd decelerate it judders between 1500rpms- 1000rpms. They said it might take awhile to settle in but now that I've gotten it back it's now juddering with acceleration too and when I break to stop it seems like...
  2. 2002 CRV whine on deceleration, transmission or differential?

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi all New member here. I have a 2002 Ex with 138K miles on it. It recently started making a whining noise that I hear mostly when I take my foot off the gas. It is hard to tell if it is coming from the front or the rear. The car drives and shifts fine. There is no grinding noise from the rear...
  3. 2014 Honda CRV Idling/vibration and sudden deceleration problem

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone, I just bought 2014 Honda CRV with only 400 miles, I noticed since first day of purchase. "I can feel Idling sound - vibration inside on Steering wheel/hand-rest" and another problem "sudden deceleration (sudden reduction in speed) as soon as remove foot from gas pedal" Is this...
  4. Self deceleration from 80mph to 60mph when on highway.

    Problems & Issues
    When on the highway after about an hour and a half, our 2004 CRV decelerates and drops to 60mph and accelerator (gas pedal) does not function until after it decelerates to about 60mph. What causes this? How can it be remedied?
  5. 98 with deceleration vibration

    Problems & Issues
    well let me give you a little background first its a 98 lx 4wd, i replaced the prop shaft at about 150,000 miles, then i put a new set of exhaust valves in, ive replaced the diff fluid every 40-50,000, well ive kept up with maintenance ill just say that i recently adjusted the valve lash(it has...
  6. Deceleration

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    I always felt that my crv loses speed faster than other cars I've driven when I release gas pedal. To test I did a small test Reach point A ( starting of straight exit ramp) at 60 mph and release gas pedal , check the speed at point B ( a sign board). calculate the difference in speed. The...