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  1. Got new tires, now mpg has decreased!

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    I recently put new tires (Yokohama Geolander SUV G055) on my 2012 CRV EX-AWD. Soon afterwards drove over 1,500 miles for vacation and quickly noticed my mpg have dropped noticeably (according to the "menu" button "mpg range" info). What's going on? Is this normal with new tires and, if so...
  2. increased speed wobble, decreased mpg and rear brake rubbing

    Problems & Issues
    First off, just so everyone knows why it is my first post on this forum and i just signed up. I've been following on here for 3 years now sucking it all in without any questions. 47k miles later its my first question. Recently i've noticed my MPG hasn't even come close to the 25-26 mpg that...
  3. ATF decreased in CRV 08

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi everybody, I am new here. Actually, I spent lots of time reading and not posting any so now I got questions for you guys. This is my wife CR-V 2008 EX-L. The mileage is 30000 now. I did check the ATF regularly before winter but yesterday when I pulled the dipstick out from the trans after...