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  1. Disappointed with WeatherTech windows deflectors visors for Gen3 2007-2011.

    I got a set of windows deflectors for my 2007. The first thing I noted is that the rear deflectors don’t cover the window opening very well. When the window rolls down a bit, about an inch, it also opens kind of vertically on the rear part of the window, while the deflector is straight and...
  2. Weathertech window deflectors

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I received an email last week from Weathertech saying the window deflectors for the 2017-18 CRV should be available in 4-6 weeks!!!
  3. 97 - 01 Bug Deflectors?

    I'm new to the forum so if there is already a thread about this, I'm sorry. I'm looking for a bug deflector that can fit on the hood of my 00 crv. I've been looking everywhere but all I find is universal ones that don't fit the look of the car.
  4. 2017 CR=V Anyone found window deflectors?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I cannot find any window deflectors by either WeatherTech, AVS. Anyone else had better luck?
  5. How To Install WeatherTech Window Deflectors on your CR-V
    If you're tired of irritating wind noise when driving with crack open windows, install a set of front and rear WeatherTech window deflectors on your Honda CR-V. Being wisely designed they can will perfectly fit into your OE window channels. The installation is not difficult and can be performed...
  6. Window deflectors

    I'm a new owner of 2015 CR V. I just received a pair of Weather-tech window deflectors for the front windows. There is a bump/bulge in the deflectors on the inside, bottom edge. Should they have that?
  7. 2014 CR-V bug shields or air deflectors

    I am looking at a couple of different ones, Does anyone have a preference or what seems to work the best?. I am looking at the new formfit air deflector it seems to cover over the headlights where most of the others don't. I have taken mine on 2 trips in the last month and the bugs have eaten...
  8. 2011 CRV side bars and wind deflectors

    I'm fairly new to the forum and i was wondering if someone could shed some light on choosing the appropriate side bars. I was informed that some side bars are only for aesthetic purpose and that they may not be able to withstand an adult. i have had a look in ebay and amazon and the ones i've...
  9. Side Window Deflectors (window/door visors) 2012 OEM or Weather tech?????

    Not sure if i should get the Weather tech or the OEM rain guard's for my 2012 Honda CR-V. I've been told the OEM guards's make noise when you roll up the windows and it is annoying although I rather stay OEM I am not sure I can deal with the noise. Anyone with the visors please help????? How...
  10. Weathertech Rear Side Deflectors 2012+ Available

    Weathertech finally has the Rear Deflectors available for the 2012+ models. Never made any sense why only the front was available. Just ordered a set. Will take pictures once I have them installed.
  11. WeatherTech side window deflectors

    FYI...the WeatherTech site is now showing their "in-channel" side window deflectors available for the 2012 CR-V front windows.
  12. Weekend Giveaway: Enter to win FREE wind deflectors!
    Hey guys, our weekend prize giveaway is available on Google+! Follow us and comment on this post for your chance to win a $100 set of wind deflectors from CARiD. You just comment by Sunday 9/9 11:59pm EST, and by Monday noon you can be the owner of new wind deflectors. It’s that simple!
  13. Bug deflectors

    I Just bought a 2011 SE and was looking at Bug Deflectors and came across the Vent shade model 24705 and was wondering if anyone has bought this and if there was any pros or cons on this product over the Honda model which is twice as much.
  14. Sunroof Wind Deflectors

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick question? Who makes the best Sunroof Wind Deflectors and where would I get one. The Honda one, to me, is a little to big for my liking. Have you bought an after market unit and how do you like it. Thanks in advance.:)
  15. Weathertech side window deflectors need rear window photo 2010

    Hi, I just received a full set of Weathertech side window deflectors. The front doors went on without a hitch. The rear windows particularly the S-clips are throwing me off. If anyone has these installed on their 2010 Can you please post a close-up photo of the S-Clip area. I really...