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  1. Oil Flash Point now 215 Degrees Fuel to Oil Ratio 2017 CR-V

    Problems & Issues
    I have had Blackstone Laboratories perform two comprehensive tests on my 2017 CRV oil and the results are very disturbing. The flash point of my oil is now 215 degrees, which is within the operating temperature range of the engine. This engine has 9,400 miles on it and the tests were done at...
  2. Grinding after start in weather under 40 degrees

    Recalls, TSB's & Notices
    I looked around to find a thread on this issue, but didn't see it. We bought a 2014 CR-V EX, with 18,000 miles on it from Corwin Honda Fargo ND, and had it shipped to the Tacoma area. No problems, until it got to around 40 degrees, and I noticed a grinding after a cold start. At first, I...
  3. 2008 Honda Air Conditioning Blows Hot after 85 degrees outside

    Problems & Issues
    My Honda's air conditioner starts blowing hot air if the temperature outside is 85 degrees or more. My mechanic wants to replace the compressor and clutch, and he doesn't sound confident that this will fix it. Online research says it might be weak solder points or the hot/cold valve not...
  4. 2000 CRV - No more distributor adjustment. Timing 6 degrees off.

    Problems & Issues
    2000 Honda CR-V, 4 wheel drive, Auto, w/160k Just replaced the distributor after a bad TDC sensor CEL. Put the new one in, hooked it up and proceeded to set timing. I warmed the car up until fans turned off and jumped the service connector. I've run out of adjustment room with the...
  5. Blower Motor / Rear Defrosters / Control Panel? Nothing Works. It's 8 degrees outside

    Problems & Issues
    Hello! So I recently had my second timing belt go. It was replaced, along with a mirror (unrelated.. ran over by an 18wheeler took the mirror off). Got my car back from the mechanic and in his words, "Yeah, I drove it yesterday and the blower worked fine. This morning, nothing. I don't do...
  6. Random clunk when I make a slow turn at about 45 degrees

    Problems & Issues
    Hello and good day all you happy Honda owners out there in internet land. Well first off my CR-V is a 2005 SE, 5AT, 4WD(kinds) and has about 70,000 miles on it. I am experiencing a clunk sound coming from either the mid section to the rear of the vehicle when I make a slow turn at about 45...