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  1. Do you notice any delay in the unlocking of the door when you grab the handle?

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    When using the keyless access do you notice any delay when unlocking the door :: does it immediately unlock as you grab the handle or is there some delay? Sometimes I notice that when I quickly pull on the handle it doesn’t unlock right away, what could be wrong?
  2. Headlights delay coming on in cold weather

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    Hi, I inherited a 1998 CRV that is in real good shape. I had to move it from Alabama to Montana, so its now in a much colder enviroment. Since its turned cold weather when I start it up the headlights will not come on. I can let he engine run a few minutes and the lights come on and stay on...
  3. Delay in CVTransmission engaging after sitting all night

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Here is what I am experiencing, 2017 EX-L sits all night (Garaged). I get in and fasten seat belt. Next I press the start button and place the CRV in reverse. Nothing happens for 4+ seconds, then the CV-Transmission engages and I back out. For the rest of the day the transmission seems to...
  4. Headlight Auto shutoff delay

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Hi All, Been loving our new 2018 CR-V Touring in it’s first 3 weeks here. One issue I have not been able to rectify is setting of the “Auto Headlights Off Delay”. The setup is the same basic concept as it was on my 2010 Accord, and my current 2013 Accord, just a different looking interface...
  5. 2009 Transmission Problem - Gear Shifting Delay

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone, So I have an 09' CRV with about 115K miles on it. Over the past year the transmission has been giving me some issues that I'm concerned will get much worse if I don't find out what's going on. Anyway, the transmission shifts smooth (no shudders) but it seems to take its time when...
  6. Cylinder Head Repair Delay

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Hello All, Been on the forums for a while since I bought my wife's 2015 CR-V Touring last year. So far we had no problems until Thanksgiving Day. Long story short, car broke down on Thanksgiving, towed it to Buena Park Honda on the 25th, and still haven't got my car back yet. According to...
  7. 2014 AWD LX - The Bluetooth audio delay is still there.

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi folks. Wasn't sure if it was better to start a new thread or resurrect the one from 2 years ago. I'm new to the current gen of CR-V, but not new to CR-Vs in general. Just got my '14 a couple of weeks ago and love just about everything about it with one notable exception that is bugging the...
  8. 2013 EX-L AWD Bluetooth delay

    Problems & Issues
    I recently bought my wife this car, and one of the biggest reasons i liked the car was the bluetooth function. Well on our roadtrip to California i noticed that watching a movie off my phone or youtube the audio was so delayed i couldn't even watch any vids cause it was off so bad it just was...
  9. Sluggish jumpy acceleration

    Problems & Issues
    Hi I have a 59 manual 2.2 CDTi, it's got about 22000 miles on it. When I accelerate fast it feels like the engine is holding back then it kicks in and there is a slight jumping sensation. It feels almost like I'm driving an automatic car and it's changing up gears! I don't really know how...
  10. 2012 CR-V Bluetooth audio delay

    Mobile Electronics
    I am experiencing audio delay on my Bluetooth devices (cellphone and tablet) of about 3 seconds. Is this a common issue on the 2012 for everyone? Is there a possible way to fix this? I am using Samsung Galaxy S2 and HP Touchpad.
  11. honda crv 2012- further delay

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Honda officially announced today that there will be a further delay for the 2012 crv.This is due to the severe flooding in Thialand some of the essential parts are made there and will not be available to the us factory for some time First the Japan tsunami and now the Thialand floods glad I...
  12. Going to be a delay in all shipments... [4-3-2010]

    Honda Club Store
    I am very sorry for the delay. I know I have told several people that I would be getting everything shipped out this weekend, but unfortunately I won't be able to do that. My wife had an emergency c-section March 15th and my Mom has been in and out of the hospital for a 2nd time since then...
  13. Problem Solved ---Transmission slow or delay change gear

    Problems & Issues
    I have had a problem with the trans of my V (2000 LX Auto 4WD, 32000 miles), 1st to 2nd ok, but 2nd to 3th and 4th there were a problem...slow change (delay gear change, no MIL and no D blink), i made the change of the transmission oil (like Honda said) but no results, so i checked the gasket...
  14. E-Trailer shipping delay

    Racks, Hitches, & Towing
    Hello, I am a new member here...this is my first post. Three weeks ago, I ordered a class III hitch from Etrailer (DrawTite 75547) and was told it would ship in 7 days. After two weeks wait I was told by phone that the item had shipped and would be received later in the week. Now the new story...