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  1. OEM A/C Compressor vs. Denso brand. Wich one?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Hello guys, how are you? As you all must know, the 2007 CR-V A/C compressor is a pain in the a***. In my case, this is the second time that mine goes off, it means replacing almost all the system: condenser, compressor and (in this particular case) the evaporator. I've been searching around and...
  2. CRV 2003, 126k miles O2 Sensor replace, NGK or DENSO???

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello:p. A little advice here, as far as I know I have to replace the primary O2 sensor, the DTC 41 (OBD P0135) keeps coming on and of randomly. A few days ago a replace the spark plugs and adjust the valve clearance according to OEM specifications. :confused:My main concerns are...