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  1. Tool Kits, Snowblowers, a Porsche Design Watch and Other Deals of The Week So Far

    Vendor Deals
    If there's a deal, we're going to find it! As Cyber Monday spilled into Cyber Week we've been seeing more and more sales promos. Here's what we've spotted. Sears has snowblowers on sale as much as 58% off Tool kits, smartphone mounts, and DEWALT power tools are all on sale via Amazon at...
  2. 85 Years Ago the CRV of its Day had a new Engine Design

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    85 Years Ago the CRV of its Day had a new Engine Design. An interesting high quality video worth your time. This was during the Great Depression when a speeding ticket could be paid off with a bushel of potatoes or a couple of chickens. It is an hour, but if you want to watch some "off...
  3. 2008 CRV-LX Replacement tailgate latch.. new design ? Has to be shimmed !

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    The tailgate latch assembly on my '08 CRV LX (US model) gave up the ghost... and I picked up the official Honda part. This is the 74800-SMG-E01. Except: 1- The bolt sizes were different. M8 instead of the original M6. 2- The latch assembly is not as tall as the old one. I'm having to shim up...
  4. 2018 Honda CR-V Spied for the First Time with Pilot-Inspired Design

    Media News & Reviews
    Read more about the 2018 Honda CR-V Spied for the First Time with Pilot-Inspired Design at
  5. 2016 HR-V Shock Absorber Design on 2016 CR-V

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    These are supposed to have some sort of road feel adjustment [fluid] design like the currently offered 2016 HR-Vs. Does anyone have information on them?
  6. Regenerative Suspension Design

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Hi guys!! I'm designing a regenerative suspension system as a final project for my master. I collected data from my Honda CR-V suspension (the displacement of both front suspensions in a curved road) now it is time to apply this data into the simulation of my design, however I should apply this...
  7. What an Abomination of Electrical Design

    Problems & Issues
    What the bloody hell were the Honda Electrical Engineers thinking of, when they allow a 10A fuse that deals with "small" (Honda's explanation & symbol ), #26 in the under hood fuse box can cripple a vehicle? I could start the vehicle but it was absolutely impossible to move the gear Selector out...
  8. 2013 Honda CR-V clicking in steering POOR design!!!!!!!!

    Problems & Issues
    My Honda CR-V has had a clicking noise in the steering column. I have taken it to the dealership 3 times for this problem. The first time no one could hear the noise. The second time they heard it and the engineers at Honda told the dealership to replace the steering column, less than a week...
  9. 2013/2014 new mirror design?

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    A new (?) LX just pulled up next to me. I waited for the owner but its getting late. I noticed the mirror and thought I'd post it here. Since its an LX, I wonder if its indicative of the 2013/2014 EX/EX-L having direction flashers? If so this is one feature I will pay to have updated on my 2012. :)
  10. ATTENTION Gen 3 Owners MUST READ Get Involved In BODY KIT DESIGN

    So you own a gen 3 CR-V & as you all know how hard it is to get a body it for are year's of CR-V there is Mugen available if you don't mind spending around $5000. + paint & installation or if you are lucky & are able Techno R kit for $1000. + paint & install This is one problem i can't stand...
  11. Custom New Design OE Look Fog Lights for your 02-12 CR-V

    There are many new styles of Taillights available featuring: •Choice of Lens and Housing colors These are lights from one vendor. NOPI has lighting products from multiple vendors and you can check them ALL out at Here are some of the new designs from SPYDER: 02-04 - -...
  12. 2012 Honda CR-V Patent Drawings Reveal Final Design

    Media News & Reviews
    Set to debut at this year's Orange County Auto Show, specs for the 2012 CR-V leaked earlier and now patent drawings have joined the party, revealing the new CR-V in all its black-and-white glory. There aren't many surprises on the 2012 CR-V, from what was originally shown off in the concept...
  13. Help Design My Tire Cover!!

    Hey, I have a plain ol' black tire cover on my Gen1 CR-V, and I want to make it look much better. I have access to a CNC vinyl cutter, and I want to cut a stencil out, place it on the tire cover, and spray paint my design onto the cover. Obviously I have a big Honda CR-V in the center, but I...
  14. Brake Issue or an Acceptable Design?

    Problems & Issues
    Vehicle: Honda CR-V, 2010 build, Australian delivery, Made in Thailand for our region. Hypothetical scenario: Imagine you're accelerating down the road doing 60km/h in suburban streets, then lifting your foot off the accelerator and applying the brake, only to realise your car does not stop...
  15. Dear Honda - please return to your design roots

    Dear Honda:
    Could you please send your designers back to school and get in touch with your roots. I have recently exchanged my 2001 Civic (previous model) for a 2008 Jazz (previous model). I also have a 2006 CR-V (previous model). You get the picture - these are all previous models! What has changed...
  16. CR-V 2007: Has Honda really exhausted its design talent?

    Media News & Reviews
    Click here to read the entire column on The Jakarta Post By Zatni Arbi, Contributor, Jakarta
  17. Honda sues China authorities over vehicle design rights [6.13.6]

    Media News & Reviews
    Honda Motor Co. has filed a lawsuit with a Chinese court, seeking to nullify the Chinese authorities'' earlier decision not to recognize the company''s vehicle design rights, officials of the Japanese automaker said Monday. In November 2003, Honda sued Shuanghuan Auto and another Chinese firm...