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  1. My Detail Cut/polish/wax and nasty scratches removed

    This is not a STI but I figured I would post as you could use similar process. The vehichle was in rough shape tonnes of scratches in the clear and a 4.5 foot key scratch on the passenger side. First I taped off portions of car that I did not want to get wax splatter and the sort all over...
  2. Want A Clean CR-V? Meguiars Car Detail Class - April 4, 2009

    West Coast & Hawaii Owners
    A while ago, I was asked about setting up a Meguiars Car Detailing Class for the So Cal Chapter EOC. With trying to plan two meets this year, why not a third. I know that when it comes to detailing my Element, I could use a few tips, in addition, information on some new products. I have a...