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  1. 2016 CR-v 32,500 mileage maintenance suggestions

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi Yesterday I did visit Honda service center for regular check up and they suggested on the transmission fluid, differential-rear, wheel alignment and of course sales pitch of changing all 4 tires. I would like to know the suggestible maintenance really required for the 32,500 mileage...
  2. Video Explanation: How differentials work

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Okay, you may laugh at this videos intro or quality... But I've been to automotive college, and this is the best damned explanation I've ever seen on how a differential works! Enjoy =)
  3. Were all 1st Gen CR-V differentials created equal?

    Maintenance and Service
    Is there a difference between MT and AT rear differentials in the 97-01 CR-V?
  4. Rear Differentials Changes Really Necessary?

    Maintenance and Service
    I'm a 2006 CR-V owner with 52,000 miles. I understand from my dealer that I have to do a Rear Differential change as part of my 50,000 mile service checkup, but was wondering if these are really necessary. Is this a manufacturer's defect or something that just "is"? Thanks, las60