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  1. Which model years' CR-V have digital speedometer?

    Shopping & Test Driving
    I have never driven a Honda and our family is looking for a SUV. The first vehicle that comes to my mind is the Honda CR-V. My family requires the speedometer to be displayed digitally (having the needle too is fine). Which model years' have this feature?
  2. Center Instrument Digital Display Blinking

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    2008 CRV 114,000mi No solutions found with a search- Center instruments (gas gauge down the center) started blinking/flashing for the first time today. The values stay constant-it's just the vales displayed blink intermittently. I am NOT getting "gibberish" for instrument readings as many...
  3. digital radio

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi, newbie from Wichita here. Our 2017 Touring AWD has the digital radio which has never been able to hang onto a signal for more than 20 minutes at a time. Display says there is no signal but rebooting the radio generally gets the station back temporarily. Sometimes have to reboot the whole...
  4. Digital fuel miles to empty guage

    Dear Honda:
    I have a 2014 CRV on which the digital fuel miles to empty guage appears to have stopped working and is constantly displaying 22 miles until empty, even when I fuelled the vehicle to half a tank. Have you any help that may diagnose the problem and any advice that will remedy this problem.
  5. New owners of 2015 CRV EX, New Mexico. Lots to learn!! Its a big digital device!

    Greetings & Introductions
    Finding the longer more comprehensive Owners Manual on line to download was a big help, highly suggest this to anyone. Learning about the Smart Key to attempt getting more smart than it is. I will likely lose this contest.
  6. Digital dash in 2008 is all kurfluie -

    Problems & Issues
    2008, 101k, EX-L. Have seen something on this site about the electronic dashboard going haywire - has anyone dealt with it either by a simple fix or going all the way and having the thing replaced (>$900)? Seems ridiculous that it's happening - very happy with vehicle, though it would be nice to...
  7. 2015 CRV Digital Interface retain Steering wheel controls and Lane Assist cam?

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a 2012 CRV with Pioneer NEX 8000, using PAC Audio RP4-HD11. Most of my stock features work, but lost a few things like Voice dial from Steering wheel controls. (Worked great with Honda OEM HU). Also radio stations presets do not scroll from station presets when using right-left arrows...
  8. WTB: Digital clock for 1999 crv.

    Trading Post
    Looking for a working digital clock that fits in the center of the dash on a 1999 Honda CRV. Please PM me if you have one. Thanks.
  9. 2002 digital clock/radio/CD player display intermittently readable

    Problems & Issues
    The digital display on the integrated clock/radio/CD player is sometimes vivid and sometimes barely readable. The unit otherwise functions perfectly. It appears this cannot be repaired, but the entire unit is quite expensive to replace. I've been unable to locate a salvaged one. It would be...
  10. 2012 Digital instrument panel issues??

    Problems & Issues
    Hi there-just bought a 2012 crv via autotrader. I've owned a number of vehicles prior and am a happy owner of a subaru outback with 217,000 miles in excellent condition. I do some mechanical work to my vehicles and like to keep them happy and running a long time. Just sold my '85 FJ 60...
  11. Problems with car stereo caused by digital clock issue

    Problems & Issues
    I've got a 2001 Honda CRV that developed the digital clock issue. The dashboard clock started working intermittently then not at all. The vehicle has an after market Sony stereo. I popped the stereo out, reached my hand up then popped the A/C vent assembly out. Once I did this I removed the...
  12. Grey Interior With BLACK Weathertech Digital fits

    My front and rear mats arrived today (yes a Saturday) I placed my order online at Weathetechs site on Tues Jan 25. Still awaiting the black cargo mat. I think I'm glad I went with the black vice the grey ones. Thus far very pleased with the mats. They fit perfectly, which for the price, one...
  13. convert digital display panel - imperial to metric

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hi All, We're picking up our brand new 07 EX tomorrow and have to import it into Canada. I know that the digital panel currently displays all information in miles and F. Does anyone know if there is a way to reconfigure the display to metric system and Celsius degrees? Any help would be much...
  14. Digital Clock Repair (1996-2001)

    Problems & Issues
    Just bought a used 98 and it looks great - except the clock. The numbers are a dark orange, which makes it nearly impossible to see in daytime. Anyone out there tried replacing this with something compatable and more visible? Thanks!