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  1. Trading Area
    $225. Will meet in SE WI or IL/ WI border. Cash only. Weathertech DigitalFit 1st & 2nd Row Black Molded FloorLiners 441110-1-2 and Cargo/Trunk Liner 40992. Great condition. Used only for 1 month.
  2. Accessories
    I just got a set of WeatherTech DigitalFit floor mats for my 2009. The driver side stays put fine thanks to the anchors. BUT the passenger side and the rear slide around too much for my liking. Is this normal for these mats??? The backs are smooth so doesn't seem to want to grip to the carpet...
  3. Trading Area
    Traded in my CR-V for a Ridgeline, took the mats out before the V went to the dealer. WeatherTech DigitalFit floormats for Gen 3 CR-V Mats are in great shape, have both the front and back row in Grey. $100 OBO, for the set, please PM me for pictures or questions. I will try to get some...
1-3 of 3 Results