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  1. Protect against parking lot dings

    Honda Part World
    Color-matched body side moldings help protect your door exteriors from scratches, dents and chipping. Honda Part World has the best available selection of Honda accessories.
  2. Side Step Bars - Protection from door dings?

    Hi For those with side step bars, do they help protect your doors from dings? ie. the other cars doors will hit the side step bar before it hits your door. Just trying to put together a pro/con list for getting side step bars. lol!
  3. Is CRV Black SO Hard To Maintain? IT is no pretty. I havnt chosen my color yet, but

    I want black but IM so concerned with scratches and dings showing up more than other color. I llove the way black looks.
  4. Chips & Dings will happen but...

    Dear Honda:
    Today makes 2 weeks that I've had my CRV and where I am very pleased overall with the vehicle, I also have some gripes. The first thing I noticed was the lack of an arm rest. I figured it was simply because it was a manual transmission, so I'll add one. Not a big deal. Then I noticed the center...