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  1. Temporarily disabling noise cancellation

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Is there anyway Temporarily disabling noise cancellation system? If it's controlled by the head-unit perhaps rebooting the HU while driving? I would like to compare how much difference it makes and see if the bass sounds better, too. - I love my 2017 CRV!
  2. Disabling Factory Alarm

    Mobile Electronics
    On my 2010 Honda CRV, the alarm keeps going off at seemingly random times. While I wait for an appointment with a mechanic and/or the dealer, I just want to stop the alarm from going off so that I don't bother the neighbors. Right now, I have simply disconnected the battery, but I was...
  3. Disabling Engine

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello; I have a 2005 EX Auto 83,000+ miles and have done nothing to this car but oil ,filter and tire rotation on it. In fact it still have the original tires and Battery. Well it is time to renew them. I have a tester to check the battery and charging system and the battery is weak but I would...
  4. Disabling alarm on 4th gen?

    Problems & Issues
    Does anybody know how to disable the alarm on the new CRV's? On my second-generation CRV, it was a matter of inserting the key three times consecutively, and this would disable the alarm. This is not working on my new CRV, and I see no mention of an equivalent method in the user manual. Sent...
  5. Disabling rear wiper when backing up

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Is there a way to disable the feature where if you have the front wipers turned on the rear wipers turn on when you back up? This is an issue if I have a bike rack on the rear of the car. Thanks
  6. Disabling the alarm

    Problems & Issues
    2002 CRV. When the car is unlocked and left alone for a while, and then a door is opened, the alarm was going off. It's been to the dealer who put it into valet mode and that worked for a while but it is back. We really don't care about the alarm so we would just rather disable it than fix...