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  1. Disappointed with WeatherTech windows deflectors visors for Gen3 2007-2011.

    I got a set of windows deflectors for my 2007. The first thing I noted is that the rear deflectors don’t cover the window opening very well. When the window rolls down a bit, about an inch, it also opens kind of vertically on the rear part of the window, while the deflector is straight and...
  2. Testing instrument cleaning methods

    Instrument Additional Damage After further researches have decided to live with easily seen bad scratches. Our concern is that I would make a bad situation worst. With Hona and the dealer refusing to step in and help we would be fighting this battle alone. This for everyone’s advice.
  3. 2013 EX-L I'm so disappointed in this car

    Problems & Issues
    Bought it brand new from the dealership and I've never been so disappointed in a car before. This is our first, and last Honda. It has 14k miles on it now... Clunks, groans and grinds, rattles. Heated seats frequently seem to shut off after a few minutes. Driver's seat frequently changes...
  4. Test drove a '07 CR-V, very disappointed!

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Hey guys, For about a year and a half i've owned a Honda Civic Hybrid, 2008 model, and to be honest, to me, it was the best car ever. Drove like a peach, never broke down on me and the CVT worked flawlessly. Had a lot of miles on it though, and thought it was time to upgrade, so i was looking...
  5. Disappointed with LED replacement for combo brake/taillight - 2013

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I purchased a set of 7443s to replace the combo brake/taillight bulbs. I bought them from and I had no issues with the store (lots of info on their website and quick shipping). These are the bulbs I purchased. I was a little nervous because they didn't specify what type of...
  6. Disappointed in the new Crv

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Looking for a little help, and possibly some suggestions from the members. Just retired my 97 crv with well over 300 km of great driving. Upgraded to an 02 Crv with manual transmission. Car has 108 km and bought it from an 86 yr old man , with full service history. He hit every Honda recommended...
  7. I hate my crv! I am so disappointed in my 2010 exl awd

    Dear Honda:
    I specifically bought the crv for it's advertised mpg and my salesman swore up and down about how great it was on fuel economy. I am lucky to get 19 mpg. It is usually 18 around town and 20 ub the hwy. I expected about 26 on the hwy. The car is also underpowered to a point where it is...
  8. Disappointed by 2010 CR/V LX mileage

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 (UK 2008-2012) CR-V
    I've had my 2010 CR/V LX for about 10 days, and the average MPG on the instrument panel is 19.6. This is disappointing. I drive mostly in town, but I don't think I'm a lead-foot. I got much better mileage out of my last car, a 2000 Volvo wagon, and the mileage estimates on that one were actually...
  9. New Member and Disappointed In This Forum!

    Greetings & Introductions
    I joined this forum to get information about my 2006 CR-V. So far my posts have been relocated by I had to hunt for it, and then I got no response from any one who even had a clue what I was talking about. I have a problem that is inherent to all front wheel drive cars and there isn't...
  10. Disappointed with factory floor mats

    Problems & Issues
    We got our 2009 EX at the begaining of March. Within a couple of months the front mat on the driver's side is worn-out where my heal rest. Honda has really cheapened their mats since our last CRV.:mad: I'll have to get after market mats for the winter and next summer.
  11. Disappointed with fuel economy.

    Dear Honda:
    2007 CR-V EX-L 4WD, 5 Speed Auto 6200 miles. 19.2 City 23.5 Hwy - Just got back from 1500 mile road trip. All interstate, cruise control on, windows up, A/C off, luggage, no passengers, 55 - 65ºF temps. Boo Hiss. I'm so disappointed in fuel economy that I'm almost thinking about invoking...