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  1. Front Disc Brakes on 06 AWD

    Problems & Issues
    Holders of the Corporate Knowledge, So this is my last ditch effort to fix our regular brake problems in our 06 AWD. Since we bought it new, we've had brake rotor warping issues. After multiple dealers would only swap rotors I ended up trying to figure it out myself. After about 10K miles...
  2. 2005 CRV Disc error and Audio settings

    Problems & Issues
    Since I bought it just two months ago, it had a satnav disc error. I have peace with that..too old..too expensive to repair, disc will ruin the system.. But, because of this displayed error , I can't reach Audio settings. It won't appear. No buttons respond while they should...
  3. Sat Nav - Disc or Head Unit?

    Problems & Issues
    Just upgraded my daughters 2003 petrol to a 2006 (56 UK plate) 2.2 Diesel. It came with the pre-installed sat nav unit but is showing "DVD disc is reading an error" The head unit appears to be touch screen (if you touch it you get the lcd movement pool like on a mobile phone). The screen unit is...
  4. DVD Disc Reading Error Please Consult Your Dealer

    Problems & Issues
    I get this error message when I start the car: "DVD Disc Reading Error Please Consult Your Dealer." I think I need to remove something and send it to Alpine Electronics. I don't exactly know what to remove or how to remove it. Does anybody know?
  5. Honda crv 2004 6 disc in dash cd changer stuck

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    G'day Guys, Just retrieved a 6 Disc in dash cd changer from a 2nd vehicle. I plugged the unit in to the existing radio and it fired up. The number 1 disc button is illuminating in orange, the rest of the buttons are green. It does not allow you to insert a disc. I opened the unit and found that...
  6. Disc reading eror on a 2011 executive

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello everyone, Yesterday I bought a 2011 CR-V executive 2.2 dtec. I'm very pleased with the car except for the sat nav. I have a disc reading error. Is this a common problem on the gen 3? Google didnt'help me either. I tried cleaning the lens but no effect. The car was delivered with the 3.4...
  7. Disc Player In New CR-V

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Is there a way I can play my cds using the existing radio? The radio I have in my new 2017 CR_V does not have a cd opening.
  8. 14" or 15" Brake disc type? (AD57-14 or AD57-15)

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello, I'm about to overhaul the Front Brake Caliper (replace boots en rings) of mij 2006 CR-V (16" rims). In order to do so, I have to determine which brake disc type I'm dealing with: 14" Brake disc type (AD57-14) or 15" Brake disc type (AD57-15). (As written in HONDA CRV SHOP MANUAL) I...
  9. sat nav disc

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi maybe a silly question but where is my satnav disc located in my 2006 honda cr-v. I have googled this but cant find a answer thanks all Mark
  10. FS Honda Six (6) Disc CD Changer

    Trading Post
    Reduced pricing, possible trades on Gen 1 items. Selling my underseat factory (one owner) CD changer. In original condition with attached power cable that plugged into rear of my factory radio. I upgraded my Gen 1 radio to single disc player. Radio is included to complete factory option...
  11. 2003 CRV has 6 disc changer with one stuck inside

    Problems & Issues
    Disc has been stuck for a while. Am considering taking out the radio (youtube makes it look easy). But , is it easy to take a part the cd changer and get the disc out ? I have the code for the radio, so re installation should not be a issue. Also considering new stereo, ( would like ipod input...
  12. 2015 crv brake disc was rust?

    Problems & Issues
    is this normal?
  13. 6 Disc Changer woes

    Mobile Electronics
    We have an 03 or 04 CRV with an AM/FM/CD/Cassette 6 disc changer. All the CD's load down into the dash unit. Now I show indication that there are two discs loaded. Now every time we get in and turn the key on the player clicks and makes a rhythmic sound for about 8-10 seconds then it gives me...
  14. Brake pad vs disc question for 2012 CRV

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi all. I have a 2012 lx with about 40,000 miles. I have recently heard squeaking when braking so I went to jiffylube for a free brake inspection. I've attached a picture of their analysis, but they wanted about 290 after tax for a rear brake job. They said the front pads are 75%, rear pads are...
  15. Sat-nav disc error

    Diesel CR-V
    Hi I've got an 06 cdti which developed a disc error on the sat nav ,I went to local audio shop and was told it was the laser ,as it was a common thing on them,and was quoted £300/£400 for repair,I decided to have a search on the inter net and found a company called svt services in leith walk...
  16. 2002 CR-V CD Stuck in the Disc Changer

    Mobile Electronics
    2003 CR-V CD Stuck in the Disc Changer EDIT: Sorry, it's a 2003 not a 2002. Okay, so I hit the wrong button on my radio while listening to a CD and the CD got stuck in the disc changer. It won't come out when I try to eject it and if I try to change to a different disc an error message...
  17. Rear brake disc diameter?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi to all. When searching for replacement discs, even though I enter my Reg No, various sites come up with two sizes - 304mm and 282mm. Before I remove a wheel to measure, can anyone confirm correct size for 2005 facelift (jan 05) petrol auto. Thanks in advance, Keith
  18. Lost Sat nav disc

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi I lost the sat nav disc that covers the uk so my screen is just blank. I asked the dealer for a price for a replacement and they said it would be 190 quid. No thanks lol. Does anyone know where I can get a cheaper one?? I tried ebay but there is only 3 results and its for Europe so not...
  19. DVD Disc reading error !!

    Problems & Issues
    Probably a common fault but my 06 crv sat nav is telling my (DVD Disc reading and error )!! is there an easy fix for this problem ? ive remove disc , cleaned and replaced but no joy , any help appreciated
  20. Disc brakes noise

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All, has anyone else experienced this problem? When starting out in the morning when first applying the brakes it sounds as though the calipers are rubbing against the discs, this is a 2012 with 22k miles,it goes away after I drive a few miles.