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  1. Discoloration of front rims..2014 CRV

    Dear Honda:
    We have approx, 6500 miles on New 2014 CRV. Of course we has the TPMS problem with it but also there is a very bas dicoloration on the front rims of the car. It was in the shop for serive last week and the rep. said he took pictures and will forward them to a supervisor for review. It appreared...
  2. Discoloration on chrome rear license trim

    Problems & Issues
    We've had our 2010 CR-V EX-L for about 5 months and we just had our first long road trip. When we arrived, it had been raining, and I noticed a 3-inch spot on the chrome rear license trim (this is on EX and EX-L CR-Vs). Its like a yellowed/tarnished spot on the left section of the chrome. We're...