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  1. Transmission Fails to Disengage at Stop

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I'll be the first to admit, I'm not the gentle-ist driver. I live in a major metro area, so lots of stop and go driving. I have a US - 2017 CRV-EX that I got last Feb/Mar(Long story) - 15K miles. 3-4 Times since I got the car, at stop lights/signs I've slowed down to stop, everything seems...
  2. Clutch Peddle wont disengage fully. Please Help me!

    Problems & Issues
    I recently had my clutch master cylinder replaced due to it not working. The old one had blown and leaked all of the fluid out. I have been driving it about a week and a half and now my cluch peddle wont fully disengage. I can go into gears fine but like the last 3 inches of the cluch movement...
  3. Brake Override System (BOS) how to disable / disengage

    Problems & Issues
    Do you know how to disable the Brake Override System (BOS), left foot brake problem, in automatic CR-Vs??? The revolution of the engine in Drive when stationary falls to 2000 when both pedals accelarator and brake are depressed, and to pull a boat I need more revs, especially when inclined. I...
  4. 03 clutch wont disengage

    Problems & Issues
    Hey, my 03 v has 207k on it. Today i pulled into a supermarket and shut the v off, went inside and started the car, it was tough to get out of gear, i then tried to put it in 1st and it wouldnt go. I shut it off and put it in first while it was off and then started it with my foot on the clutch...
  5. 2004 5MT clutch plate/pressure plate breakage causing clutch to not disengage

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone, Tried searching the forums, couldn't find any other problems similar to it, just mostly squeaky clutch pedals and master slave cylinder problems. I eventually found the answer on a Honda Element forum, of all places! Posted this there, too, essentially. Warning, I am not really a...
  6. Starter doesn't completely disengage during cool weather starts

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 1998 CRV with 190K miles. It recently started having a peculiar problem with the starter drive gear hanging up a bit in the ring gear. It will do it from about 60 deg and cooler. The colder it is the longer it hangs up. I live in North Florida so I'm only talking about 25 degrees as the...