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  1. Front right brake caliper stuck!

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    I start hearing a slight screeching noise from the front of my CR-V. I couldn't figure it out and since me yearly service was due in 2 weeks I postpone it... Big mistake! The noise was getting louder, so I looked more carefully and I noticed that the right front brake disk was scratched! Took...
  2. 2006 rear brakes - drum or disk? Never seen this before...

    Problems & Issues
    I recently bought a 2nd hand 2006 CR-V LX. Very basic, bare-bones. There was noise coming from the driver side rear wheel. I thought it was either a brake issue or wheel bearing. I jacked the car up and spun the wheel and could feel some resistance at certain points as it turned. I pulled...
  3. Disk, RR. Brake Drum In for a Honda CRV 2005 LX 4x4

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    Hi, Can someone help me find the right part no. for the original rear disks for a CRV 2005 LX 4x4? I found the part no. 42510-S9A-E50 on many sites, but the dealer told me that it was replaced by 42510-STK-A00. Everywhere I look (ex. hondapartsnow) I find that this part no. is incompatible...
  4. CD player makes clicking sound for 1 minute whenever car is started - Help! 2005 CRV

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys, my stock head unit with the CD player with a 6 disk changer makes a really annoying and loud clicking sound whenever you start the car that lasts for probably a minute or two. There is a cd stuck in there but this has not been a problem previously. Does anyone have any ideas how to...
  5. Pad retainers on the front disk brakes (caliper bracket)

    Greetings & Introductions
    How do I tell the difference between the upper and lower pad retainer to install them correctly. The ones now on the caliper brackets are different on the bottom left of the vehicle and the side bottom right of the caliper of the vehicle?
  6. Missed navigation disk

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Hello: I bought recently a CRV 2007 EXL with navigation, unfortunately there is no navigation disk inside, how can I get one? thank you
  7. 2011 EX with 6 disk add on USB??

    Mobile Electronics
    I am looking to see if anyone has added or if it is possible (with reasonable cost) to add a USB input to the stock 6 disk cd changer? Thanks for your input (get it, input....., I thought it was funny...)
  8. 2011 6 disk cd changer problem

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, I dont know if anybody else is experiencing the same issue as me. I'm having problems with my 6 disk in dash cd changer. When the radio is on it almost always says "press eject", but when I press eject the cd doesnt eject. Also, it was saying "press eject" when there wasnt any cd's...
  9. Navigation Disk Update

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a 2007 CRV with the original Navigation DVD and I am wondering about updating it and if it is worth the money. We live in the Midwest and have tried on several occasions to use the navigation with less than stellar outcomes. We have tried to put in addresses in area small towns and it can...
  10. Sat Nav Disk Update

    Problems & Issues
    CRV 2007 I have purchased a Sat Nav Disk to update my system but it will not go past the download command. Does anyone have a suggestion please?
  11. Sat Nav disk upgrade !!

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi all,, i have a 06 plate executive and was wondering if i can get and upgraded sat nav disk ? were from ? how much? and is it much better then the one in at the mo? :confused:
  12. 2007 CRV Navi Disk Update

    Greetings & Introductions
    Question 2007 CRV navigation. The slot for the navigation disk is behind the navigation screen. I swear there is no navigation disk in the unit - nothing came out when I tried to eject a disk. In fact, I gently put a music CD into the unit and it sucked it in and immediately started playing the...
  13. Specification of disk brake steel

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Being the wrong side of 50 I have owned many cars in my time. I also undertake the maintenance and repairs of the older cars that I have owned. From about year 2, I started to become concerned at the disk brakes. The level of scoring on the disks themselves, and the depth of the rust on the...
  14. Disk Brake Pads

    Problems & Issues
    I put the new pads in the "caliper" but when I try to put the unit on the rotor I need 3/8" to fit. I used a c-clamp to bring back excessive room and cleaned the debri. There is a circular tube on the caliper that is beside one of the pads. Is there any way I can push this in?
  15. CRV 07 front disk wear

    Maintenance and Service
    I have been keeping an eye on my front disks as it looked like they were wearing quickly. I have also recently been aware of an increase in jerkiness in the brakes. Now that the brake wear indicators have started squeaking, it is time for the original brake pads to be replaced - I do not...
  16. Navigation disk update

    Mobile Electronics
    I ordered my Honda with navigation and back-up camera this past summer. Now I am getting notice for an updated disc for $149.00. This is a rip-off. The first and actually first two should be free. :mad:
  17. 04' CD 6 Disk CD

    Mobile Electronics
    We also have an 04' CRV with the 6 disk CD changer. It has been jammed full of CD's for about 3 weeks now and won't eject them. The radio works fine but it sounds like it is trying to eject for about 30 seconds when you cycle the key. When you push the CD or eject button it flashes ERR on the...
  18. Automatic headlight disk sensor settings

    Dear Honda:
    Hi all I have a 2010 CRV-EX with HID lights. It has a dusk sensor to turn on the headlights automatically as it gets darker. I want to change the settings on this so that the headlights come on earlier. At the moment, they don't come on until it is getting quite dull outside - I feel they need...