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  1. problem resetting engine oil life display

    Maintenance and Service
    2007 CR-V w/navigation I do my own oil changes and do so much more often than Honda suggests. I keep records but didn't bother resetting the engine oil life display. It's my wife's car so I don't see it much. I have tried to reset it by carefully following instructions on pages 260-1 of the...
  2. 2008 NAVI Clock Display

    Problems & Issues
    Did a search and couldn't find this question anywhere so I guess I am missing something pretty obvious. At the risk of being stupid can anyone tell me how you can turn the map display on the NAVI system off and display the clock instead? Have searched through the manual but can only find...
  3. convert digital display panel - imperial to metric

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hi All, We're picking up our brand new 07 EX tomorrow and have to import it into Canada. I know that the digital panel currently displays all information in miles and F. Does anyone know if there is a way to reconfigure the display to metric system and Celsius degrees? Any help would be much...
  4. XM Display Mode

    Mobile Electronics
    I just bought an '07 EX-L a few days ago and so far I love this car. We took it on a 300+mi maiden voyage and all is good except for one small annoyance that's driving me crazy. The XM Radio display can be set to a few modes. It can display the channel/preset number, the category (I think)...