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  1. Gen 1 2001 CRV leaking oil at distributor, what's easier to do, new dizzy or new seal

    Problems & Issues
    So basically I've noticed this is somewhat common after searching and reading. I believe my problem is the outer seal that seals the dizzy to the motor. I've got a pretty substantial leak coming from the distributor and although the engine is running fine, i'm losing a decent amount of oil...
  2. Changed Dizzy now car wont start

    Problems & Issues
    Almost resolved, update on post #9 Hello all, so I'll start from the begging. About 3 weeks ago my CR randomly died on me while I was driving down the interstate, I through it new neutral , I coasted to the side put it in park and it started right back up no issued and though nothing of it...
  3. clear dizzy cap

    Performance Modifications
    dave asked, here are the pics.