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  1. Mountain Driving

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I have a 2017 CR-V. We are driving to Colorado next week and may end up driving in the mountains. It is a common technique to downshift the transmission in order to save on the brakes. However I am uncertain if this would be appropriate for a CVT transmission. I would appreciate any...
  2. 2013 Downshifting feeling rough

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Greetings, This is my first post! I have used an Accord version of this site for several years and now I finally got a CRV. My CRV is at 41k Miles (acquired at 32k back in July) and aside from a tailgate that refuses to open when it is cold (luckily I live in Houston), I love the car. I have...
  3. Downshifting new ( 2016) CVT

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    The owners guide for our new CR - V mentions using S and L for engine braking but nothing indicates what the max speed to downshift is. Asked the dealer but got " Good question --- have to look it up." Waiting for an answer. Anyone know ?
  4. 1999 CR-V EX grinding and clunk when downshifting into 1st automatic

    Problems & Issues
    Hey there guys, I'm hoping you can help. I put an engine in a friends CR-V this last week, the engine is running great and runs smooth(after readjusting lifters). The transmission however is a different story. He took me on a test drive with him, he downshifted into second manually then down...
  5. trans downshifting

    Problems & Issues
    06 CRV 73k I just did a trans change about 1 month ago, 4-5 qts out. Since I have owned it, sometimes it feels like it downshifts weird. I might be going say 35-40 mph and its holding 1500-1700 rpms. Then as I slow down and the rpms drop, the rpms may go to say 800 or so, but then by itself...
  6. 2010 CRV AWD, downshifting on highway

    Problems & Issues
    Hey everyone. My wife an I just took our 1st long trip with our CRV last weekend. The ride was very comfortable, the wind noise was horrible and we can hear every car that passed us, GPA was between 30~32 from there and back, and the CRV can't make it up hills. The last one is an issue I...
  7. RPM Needle goes down then up while car is downshifting

    Problems & Issues
    RPM Needle goes down then up while car is downshifting Hello this is my first post and owner of a 2008 CRV. I notice the other day that while downshifting the RPM needle goes down and then up to normal while im slowing down. I don’t feel any different meaning no hard downshifting just that the...