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  1. 2019 CR-V EX-L Battery drained twice within first 20 days

    Problems & Issues
    After months of planning/saving/analysis, I finally bought a new 2019 CR-V EX-L. However, the joy is wearing quickly as I am waiting for roadside assistance to show up to jump start the battery. This is the 2nd time this has happened in the 20 days that I have had the car. On both occasions...
  2. 2007 CRV Drained Battery?

    Problems & Issues
    In early 2014, my 2007 CRV battery died in a parking lot. The car had 105k miles and never any issuse before. Replaced the battery, two months later in March 2014 would not start so towed to a Honda dealership. They said starter was bad and battery destroyed by current draw, replaced battery...
  3. 2013 CRV Battery Drained

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    Bought my new 2013 CRV in August after driving my 1999 CRV for 14 years. Was a delight to get a new one and a pure joy to drive until this week. It's only 4 months old and got up one morning to drive it to work and it wouldn't start. Took my parents car to work while my father and brother in...
  4. Drained Battery

    Problems & Issues
    I was cleaning the inside of my Honda CR-V and had the key partly forward so I could listen to the radio. After only 20 mins I went to start my vehicle and it would not start? Why would this happen? It's not like I had the radio going for hours and hours. I am not sure if I could take my...
  5. Tired of having your battery drained?

    Problems & Issues
    For those who have model that don't shut off the headlight when the ignition is turned off or the inside lights after a certain time and finish by having the battery drained, here's a gadget that I used to have on my Odyssey for the same reason. This nice little...
  6. Drained the Battery Radio Needs Code

    Mobile Electronics
    The battery in our 06 CRV was allowed to go dead on a road trip and now the front of the radio only says "CODE". How can I reset this? THanks:D
  7. Best way to deal with drained battery?

    Problems & Issues
    Our battery died after leaving the lights on all day while at work. We jumped it and drove it for a good half hour. Should i use a Battery Tender or other charger to properly recharge? Or is it ok to just let the alternator charge it over the next few days? Thanks for any advice!