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  1. Help with The dreaded P2646 Code!

    2002-2004 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 2)
    Hi, I hope this is the correct area to post this? I recently had the P2646 code on my 2004 Honda CRV. I replaced the entire spool valve assembly - part number 15810-RAA-A03 Vtec Solenoid Spool Valve & Oil pressure Sensor. I then changed the oil and filter with the recommended oil weight...
  2. Dreaded engine misfire codes: P1399, P0301, P0304, P0300

    Under The Hood / Performance
    My 2000 CRV started running rough very suddenly a few days ago. After a few minutes, the CEL came on with the codes: P1399, P0301, P0304, P0300. Chose to drive it home for about 10 miles. Will start and run, and even allow me to clear the codes, but when I rev it and let it idle, the P1399...
  3. 2005 with the dreaded starter problem

    Problems & Issues
    I bought my daughter a 2005 V, from my sister in law's mother (by marriage.). It has just under 142K miles on it. It was in decent condition but I changed every fluid and spark plugs, serpentine belt, brakes and tires plus had some body work done and an interior detail. I'm having that dreaded...
  4. The dreaded flashing D

    Problems & Issues
    I have a UK Automatic 2009 petrol 2 litre CRV the engine management light has come on and I have the flashing D . Fluid was done with genuine Honda fluid about 6 months ago and have now changed the 2nd / 3rd pressure switch which put out the lights until the next day so what next. Dissconected...
  5. The dreaded vtc actuator

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I am just wondering if anyone else 2012 CRV is making a grinding sound at start up after sitting for the night. It is also winter so temps are getting colder. As seen on this video by someone else, I have noted that this has happen to me 3 times so...
  6. The Dreaded PITA p0420 code

    Problems & Issues
    Background. Wife's ride is a 2000 CRV EX with 130,000 km or about 80,000 miles on it for those US guys that may help with this. Last winter CEL came on. P0420, at the suggestion of the Honda Dealer, changed out the gas cap and cleared the code. Drove it 4 months In the spring P0420 code...
  7. Got the dreaded abs module code

    Diesel CR-V
    My abs and vsa light suddenly illuminated on my CRV ctdi 2005. Checked all the sensors they were ok. Trip to local independent Honda dealer said the ABS module is faulty (got a dreaded BOSH one) Now Ive got to send the module for repair. Can anyone tell me I) Will the codes clear automatically...
  8. Dreaded pull to the right (PTTR) problem

    Problems & Issues
    I have the pull to the right (PTTR) problem with my 2005 CR-V big time. The night we drove it off the lot I let go of the steering wheel and it veered three lanes over on the freeway (thank goodness it was very late and there was no one on the road). I took it back to the dealership the next day...