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  1. 97 CRV 175,000 mi Oil dripping for spark plugs

    Problems & Issues
    Hey all, Doing a valve adjustment on my crv has been going less then stellar. Pulled the wires, and noticed oil on them. Pulled the plugs, and they were dripping. Photos here: My thoughts are that the spark plug grommets weren't sealing, but the oil hasn't been getting past...
  2. 2011 EX dripping @ 150 miles?

    Problems & Issues
    We've had our EX for about a week now and have put 150 miles or so on it. Today, when my wife backed out of the garage, I noticed that it is dripping something dark brown, possibly oil. Not a huge amount, but enough to put some 4-5 inch rings of color on the floor. Not something I expected to...
  3. Dripping coolant after using

    Problems & Issues
    Hey guys I am new to this forum and was wondering if you can help me out. I have a 2002 CR-V EX which I bought used. I looked under the hood to see if everything was alright and noticed that the reservoir tank was empty. I filled it up with coolant, 50/50 pre-mixed, topped it off. Everything was...
  4. Liquid dripping from under the suv

    Problems & Issues
    I have a new CRV 2008, just used for four days. Today, I saw that the liquid is flowing along the side of my vehicle. When I examined, it was dropping of the plastic/rubber pipe placed under the vehicle, located somewhere between the end of front wheels. I collected that liquid and it seems like...
  5. The Dripping Hatch

    Problems & Issues
    We currently own an 07 Glacier Blue EX - our 3rd CRV. We love everything about it except one design flaw - the rear hatch drips on you once lifted during wet conditions. A bit embarrassing when you go to work with mud marks on your clothing. Not to mention a few well placed cold drips feel so...