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  1. How to remove drivers side door panel to gain access to door lock mechiasm.

    Problems & Issues
    The door inside switch wich can lock and unlock all doors is not functioning properly, nor can I unlock all doors with key on drivers side. What do I need to do? How can I gain access to the locks by removing inside drivers side panel? 2000 CR-V. Thank s in advance. [email protected]
  2. 1999 crv drivers window help

    My drivers window doesnt want to work. All three others do. The fuses are not blown, i replaced the switch and pluged in a new gear motor i got at a u pull site but doesnt want to move. Any suggestions?
  3. A New Study Says Passengers Might Not be as Safe as Drivers in a Crash

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  4. Water leaking into drivers footwell.

    1999-2001 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 1.5)
    I own a Honda CRV 2001 UK model. After finding the carpet wet in drivers footwell i removed the seats and pulled back the carpet searching for where the water was coming in. After using a hose pipe on the usual areas the windscreen,under bonnet and doors no water was leaking in.The last area...
  5. 2009 drivers side exterior door handle removal

    I have a drivers side exterior door that has something broken inside and it needs to be replaced. I took off the inside door panel to look. My question is do I have to remove the key cylinder too or just disconnect the rod and remove the two 10 mm bolts and take out? I have a new door handle...
  6. Opinion of the drivers side split mirror - what's yours?

    2012-2016 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 4)
    Bought a new 2016 CRV LX 2WD and the drivers side mirror is driving me crazy to the point of me thinking that the mirror has a defect. What is the point of that split mirror? Is the outside portion (the portion to the left of the vertical line) suppose to be convex and thus letting me see more...
  7. Water leak drivers side

    So new to me 2005 crv, has a sun roof, while cleaning it up I discovered the carpet was wet on both front and rear drivers side. I've read several posts and sounds like it could be the sun roof drain or a bad seal or drain issue in the front drivers side corner. I am looking for assistance on...
  8. 2002 Honda CRV Drivers door locking issues - not the actuator

    Problems & Issues
    I've been creeping this forum for a year now and found a ton of good advice. I was wondering if anybody else has come across this problem. I picked up a 2002 honda crv about a year ago from a friend who was moving overseas for work. This is my annoying problem. The drivers door autolock...
  9. 2001 CRV SE Front Drivers Seat(Original Black Leather)

    I have been searching everywhere online, and also a number of junk yards to see if I can find an original leather replacement Drivers seat for my car. Ebay also with no luck at all. I'm starting to get the vibe that it may be impossible to find one now after all these years. Would you guys...
  10. Left Side (drivers) mirror replacement help needed

    Hello, my wife just cleaned the drivers door mirror off our 2007 CRV while backing into the garage. Well actually it is still on the car but the mirror pivot is shattered inside the housing so the entire assembly is flopping around. So how hard is it to replace the entire unit? Thanks. Mark
  11. 2007 CRV drivers window stoppped working

    Problems & Issues
    My 2007 CRV EX-L drivers window is down and will not come up but I hear the motor working. Does anyone have detailed info about how to remove the drivers door panel and what I should troubleshoot to find the problem?
  12. 2007 CRV Drivers Door unlocks will not open

    Problems & Issues
    2007 CRV drivers door just started not being able to be opened from either interior or exterior handle. The lock appears to lock and unlock normally however when "unlocked" the door does not open. I have seen people talk of similar issues, however they appear to not be able to make the door lock...
  13. 2005 CRV wing mirror bracket drivers side

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All I have bought myself a 2005 CRV cosmic grey. I have an issue with the drivers side wing mirror. the actual mirror is taped onto the black bracket and works great. not ideal though! so I untapped it to find that the assembly inside the mirror has a bracket that attaches to the black...
  14. Drivers door latch 2001

    Problems & Issues
    I'm having problems with the driver side door. It will not open from the inside and has problems opening from outside. Locking and unlocking seems to help. What. Is the problem and can a non mechanic fix it?
  15. Drivers side rear brake makes noise like a squeaky hamster wheel

    Problems & Issues
    My 2001 and 1999 CR-V have a loud hamster wheel like noise coming from the left side rear brake. I use these CR-V's on a mail route and the brakes get heavy use. If you can imagine hearing this noise 600 to 700 times a day regardless of the radio volume it might drive you crazy. The noise always...
  16. Drivers power seat issues and Hello!

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, new person here from Wales. I was hoping that somebody could help me with my CRV power seat problem. It's a 2008 model that I just picked up. It slides forwards and backwards perfectly well and also tilts from the front absolutely fine. What is not fine is that the recline feature doesn't...
  17. Critical Question. Noise From Drivers Front When Engaging Reverse and Turning.

    Under The Hood / Performance
    2007 CR-V Front Wheel Drive. I called this critical because my son just reported this and he and his very pregnant wife have to take a 12 hour drive to a new job. He hears a bomp bomp sound when shifting to reverse and turning. The sound comes from the front driver's side. I have seen fixes...
  18. 1998 CRV Front Drivers Side Clunking

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 98 CRV that I enjoy driving but this noise is driving me crazy. There is a clunk that is coming from the front drivers side wheel well whenever I go from a complete stop to start, say at a stop light or a stop sign. It does not do it when going in reverse. Also, it doesn't happen every...
  19. 97 Honda CRV Drivers door stuck shut.

    Problems & Issues
    Hello I have the ineer panel off and I have tried all the suggestions in the posts here so far. But none of them explains thhow to actually get the latch to open the door manually or otherwise. Attaching some pictures I took hoping it will help someone point out what to push/p[ull to open the...
  20. How to replace window motor on drivers side door

    Maintenance and Service
    Trying to find instructions on how to replace window motor on drivers side door of 2001 Honda CR-V. Please and thank you.