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  1. Possible duplicate post

    Website & Platform Help
    Hello - Thursday evening I created a post in the Gen 1 forum. Friday I didn't see it, thinking I may have made an error so I posted again. I then realized my original post may not have appeared because it needs to be approved my a moderator? I don't see either as of 8/11 10:00am EDT. If both...
  2. Where can I have a duplicate car key made? 99 CR-V

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    I only have 1 key.
  3. 2004 CR-V 200k motor run low on oil. Have a duplicate engine with 50K from a Junkyard

    Problems & Issues
    My best friend has owned this CR-V for it's life and he drives slow & steady, no fast cornering and it is PERFECT to look at, inside and out. He didn't realize the ,engine was burning oil and at 2800 miles (200 before oil change) He GAVE IT TO ME! WHEEEEEEEEEEE. he was so low he burned it out...
  4. Duplicate Key Blanks?

    Problems & Issues
    We just purchased our 2005 CR-V. It came with only one key. The remote keyless entry transponder type. So we ordered two blanks from ebay (could have been the mistake). When we took it to have it cut and programed we were told that it is stamped with an "R" and we need one stamped with and "F"...