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  1. Newbie (Durham City)

    Problems & Issues
    Just found the site on t'internet and find it pretty good.I own a silver CRV 2.0 petrol which I bought at 1yr old.Cracking car - proved it's worth last winter and no plans to sell it even though petrol consumption a tad steep! Mine is immaculate with 46K on the clock and in that time only things...
  2. County Durham, UK

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    Hi there. I'm a CRV owner, now on my 2nd CR-V, a 2003 VTEC Sport Auto. Previously owned a 1997 automatic which had a slightly better driving position, but not so good on-road performance IMHO. Great cars - thoroughly enjoyed driving them - though CRVs are getting a bit un-economical these days...