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  1. Make center screen not attrack dust

    Mobile Electronics
    Immediately after dusting the center screen dust in the air flocked to the screen. Is there any product or way to have the screens repel dust?
  2. dirt road dust on Tailgate

    Problems & Issues
    Just signed up, wife just purchased 2014 CR-V, we live on dirt road and needless to say, have heavy dust/dirt on rear tailgate window. trying to find air deflector for back gate, can only find spoilers which to me are just for looks, since there is no provision to deflect air down the glass ...
  3. Starter, reuse original after clearing carbon dust

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello. I replaced the starter on my 2005 after it started pulling more and more current to turn over. It turned out that carbon dust had built up in the starter from brush wear. the brushes still looked good. I should of just cleaned and reinstalled but I had already bought a replacement.
  4. Brake Dust

    Problems & Issues
    2015, original factory brakes, 3500 miles. Why is there black brake dust accumulating on the wheels? I clean them and in a week it begins to appear. The front is worst than the rear.
  5. 2011 AWD SE Brake Dust Shield Scraping

    Problems & Issues
    For a while now (since I hit an unavoidable pothole downtown..) I've had a slight scraping noise coming from my right front wheel that's noticeable at low speeds with the windows down--especially when turning the wheel slightly to the left. I did a bit of googling, and found some folks (not...
  6. Replacing shock dust covers help

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Hi I have badly damaged shock dust covers and have been quoted £360 to change to both of them b a dealer!?! So going to do it myself with a mechanic friend, which parts do I need to buy and how easy/hard would you say this job is? Thanks
  7. Decided to go with a low dust front pad

    Maintenance and Service
    Ordered Akebono ACT1089 ProACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pad for $50.40 w/free shipping from Amazon. Quality brake pad that should cut down on the brake dust in front.
  8. Dust and pollen filter - MISSING

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, need an advice please...exactly 1 month ago, I had my CRV serviced at a Honda Dealer/Service station - Then just two days ago, the aircon started smelling really stinky...I bought a disinfecting kit and tried to clean aircon system but still smelly. Then to my curiosity, I checked the dust...
  9. 2012 CR-V Brake Dust

    Dear Honda:
    We got the CR-V EXL two weeks ago and my wife loves it. One complaint I have: Brake dust on the front wheels. Every 2012 CR-V I see has it, including ours. In this age of ceramic pads, there is really no reason for this.
  10. 2012 CRV Dust and Pollen Filter R&R

    Maintenance and Service
    I'm curious if anyone has looked into the process of removing and replacing the dust and pollen(cabin filter) in the 2012 CRV's? The process looks fairly easy for the 2011 but I wasn't sure if the redesign made it more difficult. Has anyone checked? TIA
  11. Cheap low dust brake pads. Any recommendations

    Maintenance and Service
    So I changed my front and rear pads with Cheap-o Duralast Organic pads. I think my total cost was 30 bucks and they work fine e.g. stop the car. My problem, the dust. Its ridiculous I have to clean my wheels every week at least and I even have it a bit on the doors. I am wondering if going...
  12. Low dust brake pads-Who's got 'em?

    Maintenance and Service
    Looking into some low dust ceramic pads that won't squeal. I assume the '11 CR-V has the same pad as the '10. Tough finding '11 applications. Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads? Akebono ProActs? EBC Greenstuff? Other brands? I'm leaning toward the Akebono's.
  13. rust colored dust coming from serpintine belt

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, has anyone ever noticed a rust colored dust flying off from around the serpentine belt.I have a 2004 CRV and I think it is coming from the compressor for the air conditioning.My air condition works fine but is this a sign that something may go wrong soon
  14. Brake dust

    Problems & Issues
    I'd never second guess Honda parts, always buy OEM spare parts, but here goes the first complain about my 10EX V: Brake dust in both front wheels. There is only about 900 miles on it, and driven very softly, brushing the brake pedal when stopping, like I start to brush-off speed way before...
  15. Dust from air vent

    Problems & Issues
    I recently purchased a 06 CR-V and noticed when I use my defroster I get dust coming out of it covering my dash. It's on both sides. I haven't checked the cabin filter yet. Perhaps it just needs changing. Anything else it may be? Thanks, Mike
  16. Brake Dust - What Works, and What Does Not

    I've tried various products out there and am curious if anyone has a good product that they use to take the brake dust off without burning the clearcoat off the aluminum rims. I noticed Honda no longer sells Hondabrite for degreasing. That was a great product but awfully expensive. I have...
  17. Brake Dust Shields...

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Ok, Brake Dust is driving me insane. What opinions do you folks have about the Brake Dust Shields. I like the concept, but am concerned about overheating, and rotor warpage long-term. I only have the stock spoke alloy wheels, but am thinking about getting a set of the vented shields and...
  18. Rail Dust!!!

    Problems & Issues
    Has anyone out there been plagued with rail dust as I recently have? It apparently occurs during transport. My vehicle is approximately 11 months old, and a month ago I noticed small rust spots over the surface of my rear tail gate, and lower portions of the front doors. There was also a small...
  19. Honda OEM Brake Dust

    Maintenance and Service
    Im getting so much brake dust, mostly on the front two wheels, and I dont know how to clean it off fully. Any ideas? Thanks
  20. Brake dust

    Hey all. New Crv owner as of this week. So far out on the road i couldn't be happier with the way it drives great choice over the last 3 Tacoma's i owned. One thing i do notice is the buildup of brake dust on the alloy wheels. I never had to deal with this before. Is there any insight to this...