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  1. In car DVD player region issue

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, We have just bought a 2005 CRV SPORT with the in built DVD player. The manual states that it’s region 2 only but it says region error with region 2 discs. Is there a way of fixing this? Thank you for your help.
  2. DVD Disc Reading Error Please Consult Your Dealer

    Problems & Issues
    I get this error message when I start the car: "DVD Disc Reading Error Please Consult Your Dealer." I think I need to remove something and send it to Alpine Electronics. I don't exactly know what to remove or how to remove it. Does anybody know?
  3. DVD sound problems

    Problems & Issues
    Hi :) very new to all this but have purchased a 55 plate Honda Crv ...I cdti ..It has a flip sceen dvd screen in the back but no sound can anyone help me out please ?
  4. 2004 DVD and head rest screens

    Problems & Issues
    Recently purchased a 2004 crv it has mounted screens in the head rest and the DVD player under the seat . I'm struggling to find any diagrams to help me understand why it's not.working . I believe it was dottes as a added extra. The centre console navigation is not working and I'm wondering if...
  5. Anyone install overhead DVD player for back seat?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, Just purchased a 2017 CRV. Great car! One thing that's missing from the Odyssey that we traded in is the overhead video system for the back seat. I was looking at the Alpine PKG-RSE3HDMI. Has anyone had one of these installed and is it a good system? Is there enough room behind the sunroof...
  6. Overhead DVD Player

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello, This is my first post, I recently purchased a 2005 CR-V LX. My wife really wants an overhead flip down DVD player installed for our daughters, I was wondering if anyone has installed one, which brand they recommend, and just any additional information you can provide. Thank you.
  7. Gathers DVD system on CR-V 2005

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi all, Nice to meet you all! I am a new (2 months old) owner of a 2005 CRV in Nairobi, Kenya, that has a Gathers DVD system. The system stopped working (radio, rear camera, etc) about a year ago while with previous owner. When I turn on the car it says - in Japanese - "Program is not loaded...
  8. Quick question re: radio code recovery and DVD read error message

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi all I've read the sticky post on how to retrieve the audio unit serial number on screen (so I can ask a dealer for the keycode) . That all looks fine. I've also read the post on disassemble to clean the DVD lens. I'm confident about doing that. But I'm just I going to be able...
  9. Autotain Dream Headrest DVD installation on 2016 touring CRV

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi all, I recently bought a pair of the Autotain Dream headrest DVD player (moreso for the kids than anything else). from the Amazon description: I got these because they seemed relatively all-inclusive in terms of offering a complete installation kit, and also because of the zip-up cover...
  10. Sat Nav DVD is damaged

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hi, i am trying to help a nice lady with a 55reg CRV diesel, i had a ride in it on tuesday and i quickly noticed her SatNav DVD was giving an error, "DVD is damaged" !! I know another nice lady who has a 55reg CRV petrol, as i am helpful chap i did wonder if i could Copy the good Sat Nav DVD...
  11. satnav DVD

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello, My name is Niki, i'm 26 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I don't have a Honda CR-V, but i'm riding a Honda civic type r (ep3). The reasen why i'm here is because I am searching for an old navi DVD for the radio in the picture below. I'm running this radio in my car with the...
  12. Can you recommend a good aftermarket in dash navigation / dvd / multimedia system?

    Mobile Electronics
    I just bought a 2007 EX-L and it has a Valor nvg-670w but its old, the graphics and touch screen isn't the best quality. Please help...thanks!
  13. 8" Honda CRV Car DVD GPS Player Radio Head Unit Stereo Sat Nav CD Navi CR-V 2007

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi , i was just wondering if its possible to fit 8" Honda CRV Car DVD GPS Player Radio Head Unit Stereo Sat Nav CD Navi CR-V 2007 to a older model as i have 2005 many thanks regards navek
  14. Rear entertainment system - dvd player remote

    Mobile Electronics
    I just purchased a 2012 crv with the RES. but i realized tonight that i dont have any way to control my dvd player. I am assuming i am supposed to have e remote of some type. A) where can i buy one? B) would a standard universal aftermarket remote for a household dvd player work?
  15. 2010 Honda CRV EX - DVD Navigation

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a 2010 Honda CRV EX. It only has multi disk mp3 player and no in-dash dvd or navigation. Is it possible to replace my radio and multi disk mp3 with a dvd navigation? If so, where can buy one? Are there any well known after market product that will fit crv 2010?
  16. Headsets for Rear DVD System?

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    After nearly a year of ownership, I just discovered the rear DVD system in our '13 CR-V came with only 1 wireless headset vs 2, which is just plain stupid. The car already had the DVD system installed and we had no use for it until this weekend. Of course, the Pilot and Odyssey come with 2...
  17. iMid to DVD

    Mobile Electronics
    iMid to Video/Composite RCA Just out of curiosity has anyone attempted this. Seems like it is very easy to do. I am wondering if the civic shares the same wiring diagram
  18. Sat Nav says it has an error reading the dvd

    Problems & Issues
    My sat nav has suddenly says it has an error reading the dvd. I've cleaned the dvd but no change. Any ideas/experiences?
  19. 2005 Honda CR-V EX - Parking brake wire for Pioneer AVH-X4500BT DVD headunit/deck

    Mobile Electronics
    I have been looking everywhere to find where the heck the e-break wire is so that i can splice it in so that I am able to use the DVD function of my headunit. I will be doing a bypass once I find it. If anyone has experience or can direct me in any way please help me out.
  20. DVD Disc reading error !!

    Problems & Issues
    Probably a common fault but my 06 crv sat nav is telling my (DVD Disc reading and error )!! is there an easy fix for this problem ? ive remove disc , cleaned and replaced but no joy , any help appreciated