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  1. Connecting BAT, ACC and REVERSE on CR-V 2010

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, Looking for guidance from anyone who performed install of any DVR stuff on 3rd gen. CR-V. I need to connect ACC, BAT and REVERSE/BACK-UP using either "add a fuse" or splice & solder or using crimp etc. under the dash. Question, where exactly shall ACC, BAT, BACK-UP and Ground should be...
  2. Need help on hard wiring dash cam (car dvr)

    Mobile Electronics
    Got a dash cam (aka car dvr) as a present. Don't like idea of plugging to 12outlet as it already taken by USB charger for iPhone and iPod. This is for CR-V 2010 LX Looking for recommendation on hard wiring for dash cam (attached to windshield below rear view mirror) Similar info to what I am...