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  1. Gen 1 2001 CRV leaking oil at distributor, what's easier to do, new dizzy or new seal

    Problems & Issues
    So basically I've noticed this is somewhat common after searching and reading. I believe my problem is the outer seal that seals the dizzy to the motor. I've got a pretty substantial leak coming from the distributor and although the engine is running fine, i'm losing a decent amount of oil...
  2. Can an oil change be any easier?

    Maintenance and Service
    It actually takes longer to drain than do the change. No ramps needed. Fumoto drain plug so no wrench or gaskets needed. Oil filter on and off with hand tightening and maybe a strip of sandpaper for better grip too loosen filter. Drain pan,piece of cardboard to lay on,funnel,new filter and oil...
  3. Which is easier to remove: inboard cv joint or outboard

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, in the process of removing the steering knuckle, I managed to put a small tear in the outboard cv boot. I looked in the service manual and it seems I'd be better off removing the inboard joint and replacing the boot from that end. Am I correct in assuming the inboard cv joint is...
  4. Side steps: do they make it easier to get in the V?

    Hi all, I'm thinking of putting chrome side steps on my 2007 silver CRV... this is what I had in mind: I found posts asking about side steps, but my question is: are these types of side steps just for...