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  1. 2010 eating 3 qt of oil

    Problems & Issues
    Not sure what is going on with my 2010 cr-v @ 129,000 miles. Love the car, The oil light came on turning a corner for a split second. I get to check level of oil nothing is on the dipstick. Purchased 0-20 oil I put in 3 quarts of oil. Honda usually does my changes. I have 60% and only...
  2. CR-V eating distributors?

    Performance Modifications
    Hey folks - first post, glad to be here :) Not a CR-V owner YET, but I hope to be one soon. I've had three '87 Accords in the past an love my Hondas :D So a relative has a '98 or '99 CR-V that's *apparently* recently taken to killing distributors. From what I've been told, a mouse got in...